Monday, June 16, 2008

In public

I only really know one knitter in real life. Thanks to Ravelry and the various blogs I read, I've become acquainted with others, at least virtually. In celebration of WWKIP day, I decided to attend the Houston event and make some new knitting friends. The event was at Northwest Mall on Saturday afternoon. Dean decided he would shop while I knit. I met some lovely people, exchanged ravelry information so we can contact each other again, and knit on my slipped-stitch sock. Of course, I have no pictures of the event, but I've already made plans to attend a weekly knitting group tomorrow night. Hopefully, it will turn into something quasi-permanent. I'm so glad I went.

I've essentially finished my Frock Camisole. I haven't woven in all the ends (of which, there are a lot, since the yardage per ball is only about 85 yards) because I'm really disappointed with it. I'll still finish, but after trying it on, I'm not satisfied with the fit. When determining which size I would knit, I saw that the model in Interweave was wearing the second size. She looked to be about my size, and I fell in the bust size suggested for that size, so I cast on and started rolling. I honestly didn't even consider trying it on earlier, because it's knit from the bottom, and it's supposed to be drapey. Not this drapey.

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