Monday, January 23, 2017

2017 crafting

WIP: Diamonds

Since January is nearly done, it's probably wise to finally share my goals for the new year. I am keeping the goals fairly broad, so here are the bulletpoints (accented by some WIP photos, which will hopefully be finished this year):

  • Carry less WIPs into 2018 - I started the year with 26 quilting WIPs, and I would really like to finish the year with 10 or less
  • Sew one garment a month
  • Knit/weave at least 1000 yards of worsted/DK weight
  • WIP: Favorite Things

  • Knit/weave at least 1600 yards of sport/sock weight
  • Knit 15 minutes a day in January (I am considering making this a full year goal, as it has been really motivating for me!)
  • Reduce stash/buy less

Star WIP

I'm working on my second quilt finish for the month, and I hope to share both with you in the next few weeks. It feels nice to focus on finishing, although I am also a big fan of an indulgent beginning!

Bird's Eye View bundle

I hope to start something with this bundle in 2017 (Bird's Eye View by Sarah Watson and some stash favorites).

Thursday, January 19, 2017

WIP: Aerial Grove (top is finished!)

Oh, man.

WIP: Aerial Grove

I am super excited to share my finished Aerial Grove (pattern from Savor Each Stitch) top with you today. Well, to be fair, the top is a little bigger than these photos indicate. I was at a little weekend retreat, and I didn't have just the right fabric to finish. But this is most of it, and I love, love, love how it turned out!

I started this two years ago, in February of 2016.

Aerial Grove progress

I attended Carolyn's Quiltcon workshop, and then slowly stitched my way through the squircles. This quilt feels like me, although the neutral background is a stretch! The squircle fabrics and strips that they are stitched on, though = pure Jacey.

I intend to figure out a quilt back quickly, and add this to my quilting queue (which is nearing the double digits. yikes!).

WIP: Aerial Grove

Hooray for hand stitching, and an enjoyable process!

Monday, January 16, 2017

FOs: Jane Market Bags

For the past few Christmases, I have tried to make a small handmade something for a group of family members. Last year, I made these potholders, which, honestly, feels hard to follow!

FO: Jane Market Bags

This year, I decided to make a small pile of Jane Market Bags.

FO: Jane Market Bags

It is one of my go-to patterns, when I need a fail-safe gift. I have a kept a few, which I use for groceries. It is always fun to come up with fabric combinations, and I used webbing for most of the bags, rather than making my own handles.

FO: Jane Market Bags

FO: Jane Market Bags

I think a good, sturdy tote is always a good gift idea (or wrapping for a gift, in some cases!).

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