Tuesday, November 18, 2014

FO: Orchid Thief

If you're not a knitter, you may not know this: a shawl isn't finished until it has been blocked. Before blocking, a shawl is just an undefined blob. But with blocking, there's magic.

The pattern emerges.

It becomes airy and delicate.

And it only took me 8 months after knitting to "finish" this one.

Why is that?

Details here on ravelry.

Monday, November 17, 2014

FO: Strings

I'm embarrassed to say that this one lingered. Back in April, I shared my plan for simple string blocks with my do.Good Stitches circle.

The blocks are fun and fast to make. However, I didn't get the top assembled right away, but I really love it.

It's full of bright colors and happiness. At least, I hope so.

Although, a black and white version would be pretty amazing.

I attended a local retreat this weekend, which is where the cabin photos were taken!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


You may have already seen the new Handcrafted line from Alison Glass. If you haven't, take a look:

I'm in love. These fabrics are so rich and are lovely to work with.

I made a Datura blouse, using Petal in Eggplant and Andover Chambray.
For those of you keeping count, that's my fourth Datura.
I sort of love that pattern.

I helped Alison at quilt market this past weekend, and I learned a lot from her on booth building and other topics.

She's the sweetest. Her booth was full of color and inspiration. I can't wait to see what Alison creates next, and I can't wait to cut into these fabrics!

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