Friday, July 24, 2015

Stash Fabrics: Kona Solids Wonky Crosses

Kona Wonky Crosses quilt top

Three years ago, I met Beth, of Stash Fabrics. At that time, her business was just beginning, and she has built a very busy shop (with the same excellent customer service) and great selection. I love that she still offers free shipping for orders over $50. I also love that she now carries every Kona solid available. As in, all 303 colors that Robert Kaufman produces! Beth asked me to create a bundle of favorite colors, and I'll be honest. It was difficult to choose. After much debate, I chose a summery palette (available here for purchase):

Kona Wonky Crosses palette

Probably most shocking, the bundle is void of yellow. I really love the palette, regardless!

Kona Wonky Crosses palette

I cut each fat quarter into 5.5" squares and 1.5" strips and proceeded to make wonky cross blocks.

Kona Wonky Crosses WIP

These are fairly simple blocks, but the trick is to pin or glue and check your intersections!

I debated a more random layout, but I really like the color play that is created by the groups of nine blocks.

I had to supplement my fat quarter bundle with just a few extra strips (I had some similar colors in my stash). You could also add in a few neutral strips or other scraps, if you like!

The blocks finish at 5.5" (I trimmed each block down after piecing), so this little quilt top finishes at 45" x 60".

Kona Wonky Crosses quilt top

I am hoping to add a little hand quilting to the crosses!

I hope you will check out the other tour stops over the next month! And you can see a preview of all the created bundles here (already available for purchase)! Oh, and Beth is also starting a Kona monthly club, in case you need to build your solid stash, one color at a time!

July 17 – Darcy @ Modern Cozy
July 23 – Jacey @ Jacey Craft
July 27 - Kelly @ Kelby Sews
July 30 – Nancy @ Owen’s Olivia
August 6th – Jodi @ Tales of Cloth
August 10th – Megan @ City Stitches
August 12th – Rita @ Red Pepper Quilts
August 17th – Elizabeth @ Andpins Handmade
August 19th – Tara @ Rad and Happy
August 21st – Sharon @ Color Girl Quilts
August 24th – Allison @ Allison Sews
August 27th – Kristi @ Schnitzel and Boo
August 31st - Jessee @ Art School Dropout

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

WIP: Exploration Station

I've been more interested in knitting than anything else lately.

Exploration Station WIP

This shawl is partially to blame for that.

Exploration Station beginnings

After purchasing some Hedgehog Fibres sock yarn in the amazing Dragonfly colorway, I chose three stashed skeins to complete the plan. The short row section was enjoyable, but then I stalled out for a few weeks before attempting the brioche. I watched a few videos, and was gradually getting the hang of it. Unfortunately, I skipped a stitch somewhere, which threw off the brioche pattern. I ripped out the section and restarted. Now, the brioche feels more comfortable and looks amazing!

Exploration Station brioche

It's so squishy and awesome!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

FO: Strippy Strings

Back in December, I shared a quilt top.

strippy strings quilt top

I really can't tell you how much I loved this quilt top. Maybe it's because I made it among friends at a small retreat in the woods.
Or maybe it's because fabric is a medium for time travel, each scrap reminding me of a project (or multiple projects) made before.
Maybe it's because it's super colorful and scrappy, and that's the way to my heart.

Probably, it's all of these. And these reasons probably explain my delay in finishing the quilt. Quilting is the step that often stumps me. After seeing C use painter tape as a quilting guideline, inspiration struck.

I placed several pieces of tape in various directions, and then began to quilt straight lines in each section.

FO: strippy strings

In this photo, you can see the intersecting lines. It was a slow process, but it gave me a chance to spend time with this beloved project.

And it is beloved.

FO: strippy strings

Scrappy strips binding

I used Joel Dewberry herringbone for the binding. I've used this on countless quilts. I debated a scrappy binding, but I really wanted something that matched the back of the quilt.

FO: strippy strings (back)

The back features a large piece and a few large scraps, mostly from Jeni's Color Me Retro line.

FO: strippy strings

And now, I will love the finished quilt as much I loved that top.

I will probably make another strippy string quilt in the future, since my string box is overflowing again.

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