Monday, February 2, 2009

Vest-uary, another KAL

Due to my sense of accomplishment for completing the January 3-hat Puck This! KAL, when Lolly posted about a February event, Vest-uary, I was all over it. I'm feeling some vest love, based on last month's completed Back-to-School vest, and I've had Ms. Marigold in my Ravelry queue for months. At the beginning of the year, I intended to finish all three of my large WIPs before moving on to a new one (at least I finished one of them!), but the idea of the knit-along is really inspiring to me. Although I haven't uttered this aloud, I feel like I could sign up for one every month this year, and feel quite productive.

I'm using the recommended yarn, KnitPicks Elegance in Lilac. The color is gorgeous, and the yarn is silky smooth. I cast on yesterday, and I've worked through the first two sections of the pattern (a little further than this picture). It's my first Zephyr Style pattern, and so far, I'm enjoying it.

I'm also trying to wrap up a couple of small gift knits this month.

Tomorrow, another knit night with my group. This time, we're having Thai food. Yum.

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