Monday, September 21, 2015

Catching up: Jeni's Fantastic Quilt Voyage

Somehow, I've missed sharing my last few Fantastic Quilt Voyage contributions with you.

Jeni's FQV

First up is Jeni's quilt. Jeni sent along several orphan blocks as the start of her quilt, and asked for blocks of varying sizes in similar colors, using her pinterest board for inspiration. I decided to make Jeni a set of blocks inspired by this Wonky Bee project:

Wonky Bee Blocks

I guess you would call them pentagonal log cabins?

Jeni's FQV

Whatever you call them, they are fun. I cut some of Jeni's scraps into strips, and added a few of my own fabrics. You just cut a piece of fabric for the starting piece, with five sides and log cabin away!

I love Jeni's color palette and her orphan block concept.

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  1. Love those blocks! Love the colors, too.Wonky log cabins are my fave, I'll have to try it with pentagons. They look like houses, or castle windows!


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