Thursday, September 22, 2011


I shared a couple of new-to-me items on flickr recently, but forgot to share them here.

Paint or not?

My mom has had this printer tray for ages, and passed it on to me recently. I debated painting it, like some you can find on etsy, but I have decided to leave it bare. I really love this tray, and will probably hang it on the wall it's laying against in the photo (in the living room).

On my last visit to see my grandparents (earlier this month), my grandmother gave me this piece of tatting.

From my grandmother

She couldn't remember who had given it to her, but she's had it for decades (tucked away in a drawer for awhile now).
Isn't it incredible?
I'm excited to have such an amazing piece, which just needs a good (delicate) washing to remove a couple of stains.


I'm not sure if I will try to hang it, or use it on a table top (although kitties might be less likely to destroy if it's not on a flat surface!).

What about you? Any treasures you've discovered, or re-discovered lately?


  1. Love the printer tray! I think i it is stunning as is. Good choice.

  2. ooh, these are amazing treasures!! I love the printer's tray, they make such amazing displays. And that tatting is beautiful!

  3. Great finds! I recently started collecting Pyrex and I. am. hooked. Since I announced this idea to my closest friends and family, everyone seems to be on the lookout for me and I already think it might be a bit out of control. My poor husband! hehe

  4. Heya... I have to say the big beautiful doily is not tatted. It's crochet. It would have been on one of those circle end table that seem to be popular ages ago.

  5. that is a gorgeous gift from your grandmother!

  6. The tatting is beautiful! Great finds. I should have some embroidery monograms from my grandma next time I go home..

  7. Yes, leave the printer tray as is it's great!

    My recent find is just that one of tadpole's sweaters from the spring still fits. But not for much longer!

  8. Try Vintage Soak for the crocheted piece - it will take the stains right out! It would make a lovely round pillow with some soft colors on the opposite side. Good luck!

  9. I love those printer trays! The tatting is gorgeous, we have a few of these from my bf's grandma that I'm hoping to frame one day. Such an incredible art!


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