Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Precision and improvisation

At the HMQG retreat this weekend, I split my time between precise and freeform projects. Although, a good deal of time was also spent joking and having fun.

As usual, overpacking occurred, at least in terms of projects. I brought a laundry basket, which was essentially full of fabric and notions.

My goal was to focus on May bee blocks and my improv quilt top.
I also brought, but barely touched, a pajama set for Oliver. Oh, well. They'll get made someday.

But the positives! Yes, let's talk about what got done.

do.Good Stitches: May

First up, I happily crossed off my do.Good Stitches May blocks, for Deb. These are patchwork wheel blocks, using Don't call me Betsy's tutorial. I always enjoy digging through the scrap bin, and I made sure to pack lots of fun fabrics for these blocks.

Next month is my first month to plan a do.Good Stitches quilt. I hope I can come with something just as fun!

BaMS: May

One block got finished for Bee a Modern Swapper. Nilya asked for 2.5" unfinished postage stamps. I also managed to cut out the squares for my second block. That should be finished in the next few days.

It felt good to finish so many pieced blocks, and as a treat, I started assembling my improv quilt top Saturday night.

Improv quilt top

And I finished! There was a little bit of small piecing left, and then I just worked on assembling.

It feels so good to make serious progress on a large project like this. I've been mainly making minis, doing wedding stuff, and making bee blocks, so this was quite an accomplishment.
Want proof?

Me and my quilt top

Just look at my face!

P.S. Thanks to my friend Safieh for the two quilt pictures!


  1. Loved watching your projects come together over the weekend!! The quilt is fabulous!

  2. Love all those pieced blocks! I'm up next month in do good also! I'm sure you'll pick something great. Your improve quilt is looking great.

  3. I'm loving everything Jacey! And, good for you for getting your bee blocks done already! You're inspiring me!

  4. Haha, love that face, Jacey! Now that's a true quilter spirit. I always get goofy when I finish something I like. I'm wanting to run off and make my wheel block now. Very inspiring!

  5. awesome progress! you accomplished so much during your busy weekend. :-)

  6. This quilt looks great! Love the colors and lay out. Isn't improv so liberating?!

  7. you are so fun! i love this quilt! xo

  8. Seriously, you are too cute. I keep saying it I know, but your productivity just amazes me! Everything looks so great!

  9. Beautiful projects!!

  10. Soo excited to see that finished quilt! :)


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