Monday, May 21, 2012

Trying to get it right

After the HMQG retreat, I stumbled upon a sewing machine foot I didn't know I owned. A guild member mentioned her 1/4" foot, and said it came with the quilting foot she'd purchased for her Janome. Since I had a Janome and a quilting foot, I realized I most likely had the same foot.
Eureka! I found it, and immediately thought about how much easier it would make my life.
I attached it and went to town on sewing my second block for BaMS.

I finished, and put it with my first block to mail, when I realized that the new block was most definitely smaller than the first.

Too small

How could this be? The 1/4" foot should have made me more precise, and I was stumped.

Then I remembered that the needle position should have been adjusted to 4.0 (vs. the default 3.5) before proceeding.


The quarter inch foot

This week, I made a third postage stamp block, and now I can send Aylin her blocks.

And now I'll remember to adjust the needle each time I turn on the machine.

The too small block will go in my scrap bin. I'm sure I'll find a fun use for it!

I started a Wiksten tank this weekend, and almost finished. I'll share it soon!


  1. oh, yes, the quarter inch foot changed my life for the better. a lovely gadget.

    have a great week!

  2. Love my quarter inch foot. I finally could get rid of that piece of blue tape I had on my machine as a guide. Also, I love postage stamp blocks! Yours are so bright - very pretty.

  3. i'm a big fan of the quarter inch foot. does your machine have saved stitches? on mine there's a specific piecing stitch, #93 that adjusts the position and stitch length for you.

  4. I love the quarter inch foot-- it's great you discovered you have one! I have found that if I just run the fabric through there, though, it's definitely not a scant quarter inch, so I still have to be careful with that when trying to be precise. I love having that easy to follow guide!
    Your postage stamp blocks are great-- I love the mix of fabrics!

  5. You know, I had bad luck with my foot because like Natalie, it's not a scant quarter inch. I think I do better without it. Or, maybe I'm a control freak? LOL.

    Ooh, sounds like an exciting tank since it came together so fast. That's always fun. Looking forward to seeing!

  6. I have so many sewing fails like that! Glad you were able to whip up a new one so quickly. I just bought the wiksten tank pattern and some liberty fabric. I'm so excited to try it. What fabric are you using for yours?

  7. Love those postage stamp blocks! The too small one would make a dandy mug rug.

  8. i have to make sure i adjust my needle position too. if i have my 1/4" foot on and i don't remember to adjust, i snap a needle every single time! scares me to death! i can't wait to see your tank! i am sure you will finish it tonight! ;)

  9. I'm thinking that every time I've ever sewn, I've used a quarter inch foot? But I can't be sure since foots and needles confuse me so...which is why I rarely sew! I'm glad you figured it out though...your postage stamp blocks are quite nice!

  10. I LOVE my 1/4 foot. When I started quilting, I felt like it was training wheels for my sewing! Your blocks look great!

  11. Oh blurg I hate when that happens! I do the same, adjust my needle position. At least they're all still cute :)


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