Wednesday, July 11, 2012

(nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Happy Stack of Fabrics

Pulling fabrics

Lots of lovely fabrics and a partial Bella cat


  1. aww, bella looks just like wyatt--minus the little white patch on the chest.

  2. i see tula, and melody, and lu, and lizzy, and anna maria... bella is is very good company! lovely stack jacey, whatcha makin?

    1. ha ha! I was just going to say...I see some typewriters in fun! I'm really curious what project will come out of these goodies, too.

  3. Such pretty colors!! Can't wait to see what you're up to Jacey!

  4. Nice stack! What are you going to make?

  5. that is such a pretty pile of fat quarters! I love the white with the blue buildings. btw, did I miss a post with your wedding photos? I'm hoping to get a glimpse of your no doubt awesome wedding!

  6. That little line drawing building print is fantastic! Do you know who designed it?


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