Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A little of this

I'm way behind on sharing projects, but here's a few recent happy makes:

I made this pillow as part of a birthday club. I made some similar ones a few years back. I'm thinking of making another one for my etsy shop. I love the simple patchwork and linen look.

I missed you, embroidery! I stitched this teatowel (using a Sublime Stitching pattern) up for Sara in the wonky bee swap. P.S. She's selling amazing naturally hand-dyed yarns now! Gorgeous.

I'm crazy in love with these paper-pieced treasures. I'm not sure what I will do with them, but I will be making more bits, no question. The apron is by Charise Creates and the mixing bowl is Ayumi's for Superbuzzy.

Here's to a crafty week, friends!


  1. gorgeous! i love my towel so much. and thanks for the plug. :) I wish i liked paper piecing more. those kitchen blocks are the coolest.

  2. looking good, as always! i love those paper pieced blocks a huge bunch.

  3. gorgeous paper piecing! That whisk is amazing :-)

  4. Love the paper piecing. Charise Creates has some really neat patterns.

  5. Just found my way here! Love the pillowcover! ;D


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