Friday, June 20, 2014

FO: Spinning Plates

It's finished. I love it.

It started with a lovely pile of Nordika fabrics by Jeni, and some other stashed prints for good measure. I added a mix of Kona grays and started making blocks:


It grew over time, and ten months later, it's finished.

I love the mix of colors, the mix of grays, the simple quilting (less dense than my norm), the fun shapes, I love it all. I love that it makes me think of two friends, Jeni, and Natalie, who wrote the wonky pinwheel tutorial.

I named it after a favorite Radiohead, because I love the movement of the shapes (although I know they are not specifically plate-shaped). I completely, totally love this.

A good friend asked me to make a quilt for her to give to her almost-born niece, and as much as it pains me, she is getting this one.

So maybe, I'll have to make another someday.


  1. it's amazing! I love the contrast between the relatively sane corners and the bonkers middle :-)

  2. It's like an explosion of fabrics, I really love it.

  3. ooh, great backing! i really like the aqua binding too. it pops!

  4. Amazing!! I love how you left the corners open with just the greys...really genius move. ;) Also, one of your pics reminds me that mint chucks are on my wish list. gah. love them.

  5. lovely staging with your matching Chucks! beautiful, beautiful quilt!

  6. Beautiful quilt! Colors are really bold, but all blend!

  7. Lucky friend's niece! It's gorgeous!

  8. Love how you left the corners as regular squares!

  9. this is gorgeous. well done - what an amazing quilt. You've inspired me to try something with the wonky pinwheels - I wish I was the recipient! :)

  10. This. Is. Awesome!! Probably my favorite of the quilts you've done (although I'm still waiting patiently for that scrappy color block one you've been working on...). The 'normal' blocks on the corners, in my opinion, made this quilt work. And the colors...they work so very well together. I can imagine it was difficult to give this one up!

  11. Oh, I love this!!! Your colors are fabulous. I struggle with colors, and this quilt is a real inspiration.

    Mary Ann


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