Thursday, May 12, 2016

April recap - new recipes

Sadly, I only tried two new recipes in April. This is mostly because we went on vacation, so it's not too sad!

This was the lamb ragu with papardelle we devoured at il vecchio, in Pacific Grove, California.

The two recipes we tried were total winners (one of which we made like, four times already...)!

The two we tried last month were both from the Skinnytaste cookbook.

-Broccoli mac and cheese
We substituted 2% milk for the skim. I cannot bring myself to use skim milk. I also added some paprika, garlic powder and ground mustard, as well as roasting the broccoli (instead of boiling it) for a little more flavor.

-sesame roasted green beans
Um, YES. This is the recipe we keep making and devouring. The sesame oil with green bean combo is just the happiest. Why don't I use sesame oil more often??

Other good news: we have already tried three recipes this month, so I hope to have a nice long list of recommendations when the month is over!
This has been a great exercise, and so far this year, we have tried TWENTY new recipes, many of which are from cookbooks that have sat on my shelf for years.

Up next, some Yosemite photos!

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