Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Boston pics-Cemeteries

Jill and I visited three historic cemeteries in Boston: Copp's Hill, Granary Hill and King's Chapel. It was amazing to walk past the graves, knowing most of them were more than three hundred years old. We spent more time at Copp's Hill, although we located Mary Chilton's grave at King's Chapel (my mom has our family traced back to her, so it's relevant).
I loved the way the tombstones sort of sunk into one another.

The winged skull motif you see on the stones is common for the time period.


  1. I hope those gravestones aren't all slanted from the occupants trying to get out. *gulp* It IS Halloween month, after all...

  2. I LOVE cemetaries. Have you ever been to Glenwood in Houston? It's where Howard Hughes is buried.


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