Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two years old and a contest!

Yep. Two years of blogging for me! I'm not tired of it yet, and hopefully, you're not either.
On this, my blogibirthday numero dos, I find it funny that again, my number of completed projects is twenty-one. Apparently, that's my magic number.

The breakdown for this year:

5 hats

7 shawls/scarves/neckwarmers

1 pair of gloves/mitts

Valentine wine cozy
2 cozies/misc. items

Completion: Liesl
6 shrugs/sweaters/vests

0 socks (<----Lame!!)

0 bags

At least eight of these are gifts.

I've also got
WIPs on the needles right now.

To celebrate my blogibirthday, I'm having a little contest. The prize:
Some of my stashed Malabrigo. Two skeins, to be exact.

One in powder blue, one in Loro barranquero. Additionally, I will send you a couple of pattern booklets or magazines to round out the package. And, by leaving a comment with your favorite Halloween candy, you might find some of that in the package as well!

I will take comments until Saturday, October 31st, 6:00 PM CST.

I will post the winner next Sunday.

Thanks for reading. I enjoy this little (not so little, really!) world of knitters, crafters and bloggers. I've learned so much in the past year, and I'm glad to be a part of it.

ETA: If I don't have an email or ravelry username for you, be sure to check back here next Sunday in case you win!


  1. I love that blue cardigan, what was the pattern?

  2. @ whispershadow44
    The blue cardigan is Favorite Cardigan, by Wendy Bernard

  3. Happy Blogiversary! You whipped out an impressive number of FOs this year--that's one every two and a half weeks!

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has trouble staying away from Halloween candy as soon as they start putting it out in stores. For some reason, those fun size Three Musketeers or Milky Ways always seem to climb inside my shopping cart. It's a curse!!!

  4. Keep it up! You are amazing and very talented!!

  5. I LOVE all your beautiful projects! Though the Favorite Cardigan is my favorite as well! I'm impressed with all your FOs! I maybe have that many WIPs! ;-)

    Oh yeah...candy! Anything with chocolate and caramel tends to be picked off first...or the flavored tootsie rolls! heheheh! What's your favorite candy?

  6. Happy Blogiversary! I'm contemplating my next sweater, and the Favorite Cardigan is high on the list.

    I'm not much of a candy person, but I do love Caramel Apple Pops. I've been known to unwrap and throw one away if it doesn't have enough caramel on it!

  7. Happy blogiversary!

    My sister (Clumsy Knitter) keeps sending me over here, I very much enjoy your blog. As far as halloween candy goes, I thoroughly enjoy those single-wrapped Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Yum!

  8. oh oh oh I loooove those mini boxes of Milk Duds! 3 of them is just enough to eat without making my jaw hurt or ripping out my teeth.

    I love the Favorite Cardigan by the way! I tried to make it this year but the gauge just didn't seem to want to cooperate with the yarn I chose so it's in the UFO pile these days

  9. My favorite halloween candies are the fruit flavored tootsie rolls. Something about the texture + the fruit flavor=yum!

    Love your blog.

  10. Congrats on the blogiversary, love the sweater! When my sister and I were little, our favorite candy was whatever was rare in our haul. We would organize the candy by color and then build little villages with it...

  11. I like the mini candy bars like the snickers and 3 musketeers. Oh yummy.


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