Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tilly meets Aries

I don't believe I've introduced you to Tilly, my sister's pup. She's adorable and sweet (and so is my sister, come to think of it!).

Tilly and Jilly

Jill adopted her a little over a year ago, and they've been best friends ever since.

Jill, Tilly and I went to visit the grandparents over New Year's weekend, and Tilly got to meet her dog cousin, Aries. Aries belongs to my one and only first cousin, Maclaine, who is getting married next month. Aries is a border collie, bred by my uncle (got all that?). I think I've mentioned before that my uncle breeds Border Collies and Great Pyrenees.

Tilly and Aries

Tilly and Aries had so much fun playing together.

Tilly and Aries

For about a full second, I wished I had a dog, but Bella and Olias keep me plenty busy.

A hug for Aries

Tilly and Aries

I love how Aries' eyes don't match. Cute!


  1. Love it! They are cute!zingski

  2. How cute! I especially like the pic where Tilly is giving Aries a hug.

  3. That is a beautiful picture of Jill. Nice photography!


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