Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


A demure Olias


  1. Beautiful! I gray cats...have one myself! :) That second guy looks like he's wearing a tux. And I LOVE that it's actually a REAL wordless Wednesday, allows so much more for the imagination than wordless wed. with words ya know?! ;)

  2. Let me know when they finish their first quilt!

  3. it is like they are saying... "hey you crafty mo fo!"

  4. Too cute! I think it's THEIR sewing room, not yours!

  5. Oh, I bet Nayyir would like to do something like that. Thank goodness he doesn't like to sit on knitting and yarn (unless I'm actively working on the project, of course).

    And yes, I'm finally getting caught up on blogs again. Tell your inbox to watch out!


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