Wednesday, August 20, 2014

FO: Hoot

Oh, this sweater is cute.

I mean, aren't all baby sweaters? I think the owls make it extra cute, though. I can count four friends who have babies in the oven, so I decided to knit a few wee sweaters. Here's the first:

Olias is shown for scale (and added cuteness).

I knit the free Hoot Cardigan by Brenda Lotar, and used some stash KnitPicks Wool of the Andes (color is Iris Heather). I knit the 3 month size, and although ravelry tells me it took 3 months, the knitting went pretty quickly; I just procrastinated on the sleeves. Yes, even baby sleeves are boring to knit.

Up next, the Yoked Cardigan, by Knitbot.


  1. So cute Jacey and color coordinated with Olias.

  2. Super cute! I have been thinking I need to knit some sweaters for Esther for this winter. If you have any suggestions for toddler size sweaters that come to mind let me know! There are so many cute baby sweater patterns that I have favorited in my ravelry but I don't think I've looked at bigger ones much...

  3. Lucky babies :) The color of the yarn is gorgeous!


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