Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Almost wordless Wednesday: All I want to do is knit

I'm in serious knitting mode these days. The blanket is slowly growing, and I started a little sweater last week. It's normal to feel an ebb and flow of crafting, especially when you love to craft in various ways.

I'm fourteen squares in, and truly loving every stitch. Yahaira and Jesse both shared scraps with me, and I'm enjoying adding those bits into the mix.

And just because, here's Olias and I.


  1. aww, so sweet. the blanket looks great!

  2. Phew! Did you take a breath during that?!! LOVE the blanket btw!

  3. Loving the blanket and the layout! Love seeing you and Olias!

  4. I am doing the knitting now too. I dig the patchwork afghan!

  5. It's gorgeous! It's been fun to hear more from you in this space. Hope life is treating you well =)


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