Wednesday, January 17, 2018


It's been sort of a weird week, and I've felt scatter-brained as a result. I have been fighting the sinus issues, and we got some snow/ice, which basically shut down the city. Obviously, it's nothing like Northern winters here, but Houston isn't really equipped for any kind of ice or snow. But of course, we will be back in the 60 degree Fahrenheit range by the weekend!

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I made my first Linden sweatshirt (pattern by Grainline Studio yesterday. I've made many Lark Tees (pattern also by Grainline) (I've made countless Larks, but have not documented them well!). For some reason, I couldn't imagine myself wearing the Linden, but I love it so much!
I used a Charley Harper knit, and a striped accent (the striped knit was a gift from my friend Brianne).

This is the first garment that I sewed completely on my new serger.

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I received it last month (a gift from Elliott), and I've been learning the basics. My friend Jenn recommended this craftsy class, and it has been very helpful.

I've also been slowly hand quilting my string diamonds quilt.

Additionally, I've been working on a weaving project that I started last month. Finally, I have added a few sections to a long-term WIP that I never shared here. The last photos I have before today are from October, but I can't recall when I started this.

WIP: Red & White strings

You know I love a good string project, and it has been fun to work on the past few days. This is a gift, and I'd like to finish it before May. Although I didn't use the pattern, I was definitely inspired by Amanda Jean's cover quilt from Sunday Morning Quilts (I didn't use the exact same colors, but tweaked it for the recipient).

See you next week!


  1. Your quilt looks great! I too live in a city with occasional snow which then freaks everyone out.

    And a heads up for you – your first couple of pictures don't display when I read your post in feedly.

  2. lol at 'funlock' - who are they kidding?

  3. Enjoy the serger! Love the colors in the quilt!

  4. Love your linden! I have been making lots of Lane raglans lately but haven't felt the need to do a linden... but maybe I do after all ;). Enjoy the serger! I love mine!


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