Friday, June 1, 2012

Enabler alert

I often joke with crafty friends about my enabling abilities, especially when it comes to buying fabric or starting new projects. I guess that comes with the territory of crafting or any hobby, really. There is a constant influx of new media to excite us, and that is more true in the fabric world than in most communities. I'm sure there is less temptation if you, say, make model airplanes.

With that being said, I have one current fabric crush to share with you, as well as one new swap I've joined.


I'm sure you've seen Tula Pink's Nightshade by now. That cloud print was just too good to be resisted. I bought it in all three colorways, and then had to grab some of the bird lace as well. The flowery print in the background is fun, with little skulls strewn about.

I've bought some other new things as well (although I'm trying to be good!), but this is one of the recent stashings that I'm wanting to cut into first.

I know we all go through the constant desire to start something new, while works-in-progress sit patiently waiting for attention.

I've been steadily progressing on my finishing list. It looks as if I'm about halfway done there! Of course, the glaring missing finish is Swoon. As soon as I get my Improv quilt finished (eta: this weekend!), Swoon is next.

Speaking of improv, Nicke chose improv chevrons for her month of Wonky Bee. Since I enjoyed them so much in March for do.Good Stitches, I jumped the gun, and have already completed them for June.

Improv chevron blocks for Nicke

It's a testament to how fun this block is. Six White Horses came up with such a fun technique! And Nicke's colors are awesome, based on the custom bundle she created for Pink Castle.

And one last enabling effort for today, I've joined a new swap. After a long hiatus from public swaps (for no reason other than trying to get through some lingering projects), I thought the Modernista swap sounded fun. For the first round, we are making something for the sewing room/area. I've been wanting to make a new machine cover, so this seemed like a great opportunity to have one made.

Inspiration for modernista swap
1. Sewing Machine Cover, 2. Sewing Machine Cover, 3. Triangle Mini Finished!, 4. new sewing machine cover, 5. NestingChairs-Sewing-Machine-Cover-003, 6. Sparkle punch potholder ready for binding, 7. Pillow Talk Swap Progress, 8. herringbone, 9. side 2, 10. Scrappy HST Quilt, 11. Sewing spot, 12. Just Swell sewing machine cover

I'm hoping my partner can make something nice and structured for my machine, with bold color and geometric patterning. It should be a fun swap, and there's still a little time to join! The swap closes this Sunday, so don't hesitate if you're interested in joining!

Whew! I'm wordy today. I hope you have a fun weekend! I'll be seeing some friends, and finishing that quilt!


  1. I too have been drawn in by Night Shade. It is so beautiful! I'm dying to cut into it, but I will have to wait until I finish some of my WIPs.

    Love your improv blocks!

  2. Mmmm, I have thus far resisted Nightshade, not sure how much longer that will last! LOVE those chevron blocks!

  3. I haven't gotten into Nightshade, I think it's the purple. But I did join the Modernista swap and am pretty excited for that!

  4. Loving those chevrons! And what an awesome array of machine covers! I'm honored you included mine! ;-)

  5. I just got Nightshade yesterday, and it is SO gorgeous in person! Those are my two fave prints as well (of course, because we have cool taste together.) I love your blocks and your mosaic too!

  6. Yay for fabric enablers! The chevron blocks are so gorgeous!

  7. I know exactly what you mean about the enabling!! Sometimes it's so great and I can't wait to get to work on new projects, and sometimes I just feel like I'll never have enough time to make everything I want to.
    I also joke that Brenda is my enabler-- if I so much as mention that I like a fabric (or pin one on pinterest) she'll let me know when she has yardage in the shop.
    Speaking of finishing, I am going to try to get back to that single girl to get it done this summer!
    I also have been a *little* obsessed with the improv chevrons you made-- those colors are so bold and just perfect together! It makes me want to pull a stack of fabric in those colors for another project :)

  8. Ooo, I've been tempted to join that group-those machine co ers are gorgeous! As is your chevron blocks. Fun!

  9. you are a master enabler! i love it and i love my blocks! thanks friend! i love your mosaic also! i can't wait for that swap, it is going to be such fun! thanks for enabling me to join up! xo

  10. Ooh, I have been meaning to make a sewing machine cover for ages. I absolutely love that one in the uper right corner. I'm slowly catching up on posts (I snuck in a couple this morning before getting ready for work). Looking forward to reading the rest!


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