Monday, May 27, 2013

FO: Churndash Brite

Remember the Marcelle Medallion affair? Where I made a quilt, start to finish, in one month?

FO: Churndash Brite

Well, that happened again. I got the churndash block in my brain, and made block after block.

I started with a bundle that Holly created for Pink Castle Fabrics. You can see the starting bundle in this post. I went through the stash, and added lots of other prints for variety, but stuck to the color palette Holly chose.

Each block is 8.5" unfinished, and there are thirty-six blocks. I tried to make sure I varied the background color in each block, and tried many different color combinations within the blocks.

Churndash Back

I found a coordinating coral sheet at Target, which I used for the back. I chose to quilt a grid, which surrounds each churndash center. For a little added interest, I also free-motion quilted a design in the center of blocks in one row and one column.

Churndash detail

It finishes at 50" square.

FO: Churndash Brite

And I love it.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sew Fine Fabric

Maybe I'm the only one, but I am always conservative with a gift certificate.
I savor it.
I hesitate, and consider.
Ive been known to have gift certificates that are over a year old in my possession.
I don't know why I do this.
At the Fall Quilt Festival Meet Up, I won a $100 gift certificate from Sew Fine Fabric. It was so generous, and I was so surprised! Seven months later, I placed and received my order.

My gift certificate went a long way!
I chose several prints that I love, and the bottom left olive print is for another staple dress (I know, I know. I haven't even shared the first one yet!). Jodi also carries washi tape! And to top it off, she offers $2.50 flat rate shipping for all US orders!
So, thanks again, Jodi, for donating this gift certificate. I'm happy I finally reimbursed it!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

FO: Improv Berries Mini Quilt

This mini quilt (right in photo) started during a skype session (seven weeks ago) with two of my favorite friends. We each worked on a brand new project during the chat.
It is always exciting to start something brand new.

I went through my solid scrap bag (an abundance), and then chose a couple of fat quarter prints to use.

I just started improv piecing, which always makes me happy. Before the end of our phone call, the top was finished.
And then, as usual, it sat for awhile. But this week, I quilted and bound it.
FO: Improv Berries Mini
It is a tiny mini quilt, finishing at 15.5" x 15". It definitely has a springtime feel. I used a Lizzy House berry print from Hello Pilgrim on the back, and it's bound with a neutral snakeskin from Dear Stella. I did a combination of free-motion and straight line quilting.

Monday, May 13, 2013


I didn't intend to be gone for so long, but that word I chose in January has been serving me well. I have been so intent on making, that talking about it has fallen by the wayside.

Star in a star

It's my month for do.Good Stitches again, and we are making star blocks!

Wonky BeeWe are nearly done with round three of the Wonky Bee. This is part of Sara's solids quilt. I assembled this portion, and made the wonky stars and the HST section above them. Melissa did the EPP section, and Nickedid the large postage stamp piecing. I love how this is coming together!

I currently have three quilt tops waiting for basting (this one, that one and another that is only on instagram currently). I'm also finishing a fourth quilt top, this time a postage stamp project. It's scrappy and fun!

Soon, I will share the dress I recently finished. I wore it to my future brother-in-law's graduation this weekend!

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