Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Natalie's FQV

Last month, I worked on Natalie's fantastic quilt voyage.

Natalie's FQV

Her theme was inspired by nature and I decided to make some improv sunny blocks. I used scraps that Natalie sent, along with a few additional pieces from the stash, and made these four blocks, which I sewed into a long strip.

Natalie's FQV

I really love them, and I hope Natalie does, too.

Natalie's FQV

I attached my strip to Nicke's diamond blocks, and sent Natalie's quilt on to the next person.

Monday, September 28, 2015

FO: A quilt for Ginger

Ginger embroidery

I was recently asked to make a memory quilt for a sweet dog named Ginger. Ginger belonged to a close friend of Elliott's, and I was given a collection of scarves from Ginger's groomer. Given the oblong shape and size of these fabric pieces, I thought a coin quilt would be a simple way to showcase them, and I used a Timeless Treasures Sketch print for the background. The quilt is a decent throw size.

I embroidered Ginger's name near the center (I traced a printed version to get the bubble letters, from a Word document), and the embroidery is my favorite part. I quilted it simply in a very light blue thread.

Ginger quilt

I never thought I would make a memorial quilt for a dog, but I'm glad I could give her family some comfort.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Catching up: Jeni's Fantastic Quilt Voyage

Somehow, I've missed sharing my last few Fantastic Quilt Voyage contributions with you.

Jeni's FQV

First up is Jeni's quilt. Jeni sent along several orphan blocks as the start of her quilt, and asked for blocks of varying sizes in similar colors, using her pinterest board for inspiration. I decided to make Jeni a set of blocks inspired by this Wonky Bee project:

Wonky Bee Blocks

I guess you would call them pentagonal log cabins?

Jeni's FQV

Whatever you call them, they are fun. I cut some of Jeni's scraps into strips, and added a few of my own fabrics. You just cut a piece of fabric for the starting piece, with five sides and log cabin away!

I love Jeni's color palette and her orphan block concept.

Monday, September 14, 2015

FO: Indigo Sailor Top

I'm the worst about getting pictures of my finished garments. Take the Sailor Top (by Fancy Tiger), for instance. I just finished my fourth version, and I've never shared any of them here. Here's the third one, and I'll work on getting pictures of the first two soon. In the meantime, my latest was cut from the Cotton & Steel print I dyed in Wisconsin.

Indigo Sailor Top

I love the indigo look and I'm so pleased with the fit. I'm still working on getting a smooth gather, but the neckline is so flattering. The Sailor Top is such a great garment and I'm planning to make my next one in one of Jeni's knit prints.

Indigo Sailor Top

Since blue is my most stashed color of fabric, I definitely have a lot of blue garments. I should work on that. But, indigo!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A pile of FOs: City Gym Shorts

I'm not sure why I waited this long to try it.

FO: City Gym Shorts

Last week, I cut out the long ago printed City Gym Shorts pattern, and promptly made four pairs.

City Gym Shorts

I lengthened the pattern by about 2.5 inches and shortened the elastic a bit.
They are perfectly wearable. I've worn them out walking and to sleep in.
They are a great way to use favorite prints in small cuts.
They are also a great justification for the new binding machine I bought, after seeing Jeni's this summer. I always disliked making bias binding, but the machine makes it speedy, and just look how cute!

City Gym Shorts

My husband said four pairs was probably plenty, but I might sneak a few more pairs into the mix. Don't tell.

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