Thursday, January 25, 2018


So, I promised myself I wouldn't start a new quilty project until at least March, so I could focus on WIPs. But then I bought Erin Harris' new Make Your Own Medallion book, and I couldn't get a block out of my head.

WIP: Box Canyon block

I kept thinking about fabric combinations for it, and eventually succumbed to the pressure.

WIP: Box Canyon block

So, here is my Box Canyon block! And I don't know what it will be yet. Maybe I'll make three more for a nice throw quilt (the block finishes at 30")?

WIP: Box Canyon block

Maybe it will be a pillow, or maybe it will be the start of a medallion quilt as it was supposed to be. Who knows? But it was fun!

Also, this week, we tried a third recipe of the month for Smitten Kitchen's crispy tofu and broccoli with peanut sauce. It was delicious, and we will definitely make it again!

I started a new knitting project, Knottygnome's mystery lovefool sock KAL.

FO: Imbue Explorer Tote

And finally, I made my first Explorer Tote (this is the small size) using my friend Kim's new Imbue fabric line.

FO: Imbue Explorer Tote

I think it is a really striking bag in these fabrics!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


It's been sort of a weird week, and I've felt scatter-brained as a result. I have been fighting the sinus issues, and we got some snow/ice, which basically shut down the city. Obviously, it's nothing like Northern winters here, but Houston isn't really equipped for any kind of ice or snow. But of course, we will be back in the 60 degree Fahrenheit range by the weekend!

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I made my first Linden sweatshirt (pattern by Grainline Studio yesterday. I've made many Lark Tees (pattern also by Grainline) (I've made countless Larks, but have not documented them well!). For some reason, I couldn't imagine myself wearing the Linden, but I love it so much!
I used a Charley Harper knit, and a striped accent (the striped knit was a gift from my friend Brianne).

This is the first garment that I sewed completely on my new serger.

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I received it last month (a gift from Elliott), and I've been learning the basics. My friend Jenn recommended this craftsy class, and it has been very helpful.

I've also been slowly hand quilting my string diamonds quilt.

Additionally, I've been working on a weaving project that I started last month. Finally, I have added a few sections to a long-term WIP that I never shared here. The last photos I have before today are from October, but I can't recall when I started this.

WIP: Red & White strings

You know I love a good string project, and it has been fun to work on the past few days. This is a gift, and I'd like to finish it before May. Although I didn't use the pattern, I was definitely inspired by Amanda Jean's cover quilt from Sunday Morning Quilts (I didn't use the exact same colors, but tweaked it for the recipient).

See you next week!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Thanks for the feedback on my new posting idea. It has been a great motivation so far.
This week, with continuing sinus issues, I made another new soup. I highly recommend the Red Lentil Stew (link is a blogged version) from Slow Cooker Revolution. I used fresh tomatoes (added them in the last ten minutes, before the peas; I also added Penzey's Now Curry in addition to the other spices listed).

I've still been working on that Marled scarf, and I think I'll be finished pretty quickly.

Pure eye candy

The most exciting news this week is that I basted my String Diamonds quilt, and started the quilting.

I outlined the largest diamonds on the machine, but I think the really amazing way to keep going is by hand, and so I'm going to!

You can see the diamonds best on the back.

Pure eye candy

As soon as I finish that scarf, this quilt will become my couch project. I took a hand quilting class from Chawne over the summer in Maine (AMAZING), and I'm excited to practice again!

I finished my book last night, and I'm trying to figure out which book to read next.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

FO: Handcrafted Prism

FO: Handcrafted Prism

Maybe knowing that this quilt top was finished in October 2016 will make you feel inspired to finish a lingering project of your own.
This is Prism, from Jeni's Patchwork Essentials book.
I knew the design was a great way to let the Handcrafted fabrics (by Alison Glass) shine.

FO: Handcrafted Prism

I just love the colors and the effect of quarter square triangles is always striking!

WIP: Handcrafted Prism

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This photo gives you a nice idea of the quilting, which I did in a soft rosy pink.

And I love the asterisk binding, which plays off the quilting.

FO: Handcrafted Prism (back)

And the back! I honestly love it as much as the front.

I managed to get a quilt basted late last week, and I'm just about to start quilting.

Friday, January 5, 2018


Happy 2018 to you! I hope the new year is treating you well so far, and that you are able to accomplish the goals that you have set.
An idea popped into my head yesterday, and I decided that I want to try weekly posts here, with the projects I'm working on, and a few other weekly tidbits.
I still hope to share FO posts, but last year, I found myself faltering on posts. I'm hopeful that this informal weekly entry will be an approachable reboot for me.
Also, for a few years, Jeni and I have helped hold each other accountable on goals, but I never joined her on keeping track of fabric yardage. I managed to buy less overall than previous years, but I decided it's time for me to keep track of that.
So, at the end of each month, I'll share what yardage I've accumulated, as well as what I've used. I won't count yardage used until a project is finished.
As for yarn, I've been somewhat tracking that (and have greatly reduced the amount of yarn I buy). (side note to that: I've got a lot of pretties available on my ravelry destash)

So, here's a brief recap of my first week of the year:

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I finished a Facets Hat, pattern by Rose Beck.

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After that, I picked up my marled scarf (this is a gift for a friend), and have made great progress. It's about 40 inches long now!

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I also finished binding my Prism quilt and hope to get it photographed this weekend. Here's a progress shot. I love it! The pattern is in Jeni's Patchwork Essentials and fabric is all Alison Glass Handcrafted (except the binding).

I started off 2017 trying to read every day, but went bust a few months in, and only managed to finish a handful of books. This year, I'm starting with a very enjoyable book, and am halfway done. Have you read it?

And finally, I want to share this recipe, which I've been enjoying all week: BA Yellow Split Pea Soup with Spiced Coconut. As in 2016, we have set a goal of 3 new recipes a month, from our magazine and cookbook collection.

I hope you enjoy this new format. Thanks for sticking with me, through sporadic posts! I still love to create, and hope that never changes.

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