Tuesday, October 31, 2017

FO: Sparkling Halloween Cider

FO: Sparkling Halloween Cider

Even though I've made Halloween things before, this is my first Halloween quilt! Jeni has used the Sparkling Cider pattern many times, and I always enjoy seeing it. So, I decided that it would make a great Halloween quilt.
I mean, I love stars, and scrappiness, so it felt like a great fit.

FO: Sparkling Halloween Cider

Not surprisingly, this could just as well be considered a cat quilt.

I used a variety of stashed prints, including Lizzy House ghosts, Cotton & Steel prints, solids, and a Heidi Kenney Spoonflower print.

FO: Sparkling Halloween Cider

I made the "Lap size", which is nice 64" x 80". I backed it with a widescreen and quilted it with random straight lines (in this Sulky color). The binding is this amazing print.

FO: Sparkling Halloween Cider

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Quilty WIPs update and a favorite FO

FO: Mustard & Pink Geese

I didn't intend to be away for so long, but I can tell you that three of the quilts in that stack from my last post are done (and additionally, another three quilts have been started and finished. Additionally, I went to Maine, experienced Harvey, got a new kitchen, and lots of other fun stuff.
So, today, I want to jump back in and share a very favorite finish.

FO: Mustard & Pink Geese

I shared this project last year, and it was just so fun and scrappy to sew. I used lots of favorite prints and made flying geese and other triangles, and randomly pieced it all together.

FO: Mustard & Pink Geese

A good friend asked me to finish it for a gift she needed, and although I was sad to do so, I am hopeful that the recipient will love it as much as I do.

FO: Mustard & Pink Geese

Dimensions: 53" x 69"

Monday, July 31, 2017

Quilt WIPs update

This is a stack of finished quilt tops, just waiting for basting. There are ten here, plus one more that is already basted.

I'm not saying I won't work on other projects for the rest of the year, but this stack will be my main focus for the remaining months of 2017. I haven't shared all of these projects here, but included in the stack are:

Scrappy Quarter Log Cabin
Big Plaid Log Cabin (bottom of this post)
Aerial Grove
Scrappy Geese
String Diamonds

It will be fun to see how many I can finish this year!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

FOs: Hearts and Pink Scrappy Leftovers

FO: Pink Scrappy HSTs

So, my original plan was to share this scrappy pillow (14" approx.) that I finished for my friend Amanda Jean. She loves pink, scrappy and tiny piecing, so it felt like a fun choice for her!
I really love the floating pink triangle. Also, binding on a pillow always makes me happy.

However, after trying to find the post about the original project that gave me these leftovers, I came up empty.

FO: Hearts

So, here you go, Hearts. This finish from last year was made from Cluck Cluck Sew's heart block in a couple of different sizes and lots of different pinks and purples.

Hearts back

And here's the back, scrappy as usual.

I really can't imagine how many other projects I have failed to share here.
Oh well. Baby steps!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

A lie and a quarter log cabin WIP

After thinking about my last post, I realized that I am not done making pineapple log cabin blocks. I currently have 24, so there are more to make!

And here is my photographic proof of a finished scrappy quarter log cabin quilt top:

WIP: Scrappy Quarter Log Cabin

photo credit-Jeni Baker (Thanks, Jeni!)

WIP: Scrappy Quarter Log Cabin

I think I will share my current pile of finished tops next, in hopes that it will motivate me to get quilting!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A few strip scrap WIPs

Lately, I have been extra obsessed with sewing from my strip scraps. I have four strip WIPs right now.

Two WIPs

There's the scrappy quarter log cabin (I assembled the top this past weekend in Wisconsin! Photographic proof soon!). I made 56 10.5 inch blocks using all kinds of color.

WIP: June quilt

Then there's the June quilt, from Amanda Jean's new book, No Scrap Left Behind. I have the top partially assembled, and I hope to finish it pretty soon. For this one, I cut a big pile of strips into the size she called for, which sped up the sewing process.

WIP: squares and squares

I also started a more selective log cabin project a few weeks ago. I'm using reds, neutrals, browns and yellows, and I've got ten blocks finished.

This color palette inspired me to make a pillow for Chase recently (I'll share that soon!), and then led to these blocks.

FO: Panache Compass Bag

Still life with pineapple blocks

Finally, there are my scrappy pineapple blocks. I have the blocks finished, so I just need to stitch them together for a finished top!

With all of these projects, I still have the itch to work with my strips (and they never seem to deplete), so I am sure I will start a few more projects with them before the year is out.
And that brings me great comfort.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

FO: Magic Stars 2.0

FO: Magic Stars 2.0

FO: Magic Stars 2.0

Magic Stars 2.0

FO: Magic Stars 2.0

FO: Magic Stars 2.0

As soon as I finished my first Magic Stars quilt, I knew I wanted to make another. And honestly, now that the second one is done, I can totally see myself making one in every color!
It is so much fun choosing prints, pressing and cutting them, and then pairing and sewing.
And then, it really is magical as the blocks start to form!
Did you know I love yellow? I do.

Pattern is here from Aneela

We will see how long I can wait before starting Magic Stars #3.

Monday, May 22, 2017

FO: Panache Compass Bag

FO: Panache Compass Bag

FO: Panache Compass Bag

FO: Panache Compass Bag


Panache is Becca Bryan's debut line with Robert Kaufman, and I was asked to make this Compass Bag for her booth at quilt market.
It was my first time making this pattern (this is the small size), and I am already planning one to keep, very soon! I really love the way the hardware looks, especially on the adjustable strap (Anna gives suggestions in her pattern for sources). I really love these prints (Panache will be available in October), but the pocket/strap print is my favorite!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

FO: Sew Portable Tote

There are loads of projects that I finish but never photograph.

FO: Sew Portable Tote

I'm not sure why this happens (although I am the worst with garments), but I am trying to catch up on sharing some older projects. A few years ago, Elliott and my mother-in-law conspired to buy me a featherweight for my birthday/Christmas gift. It was really fun, as we went together to a little shop that repairs vintage machines.
Soon after, I knew I needed to make Jeni's Sew Portable Tote, since (hello) it is designed to hold the machine.

FO: Sew Portable Tote

I would say this bag has been finished for more than a year, and I still love the bright and happy combination of fabrics I chose. The Melody Miller transistor print is a favorite!

I haven't used my featherweight lately, but I think I need to give it a cleaning and use it very soon (and share photos, as well!).

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

FO: Big Log Cabin

Log cabin blocks are a forever favorite.

FO: Big Log Cabin

Really, I find them so comforting. And when I was asked to make a baby quilt in navy, grays and white, I decided it was a perfect opportunity to make one giant log cabin.

I used 2.5" strips (I had a roll of precut white strips, which jumpstarted the cutting process) in Kona Nightfall and miscellaneous neutral shades (all Kona).

FO: Big Log Cabin

The scrappy back is a mix of navy prints from the stash. The quilt is 43" x 44".

I have already started a new big log cabin this time with a Denyse Schmidt plaid and bright Kona solids.

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Again, I am using 2.5" strips, and seriously, it is a super speedy quilt. And as always, the log cabin block feels limitless!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

FOs: Lots of pouches

FO: Ice-dyed Petal Pouches

When a dear friend (who is your sister in sarcasm) gives you some ice-dyed fabric, you must try to do it justice.

FO: Ice-dyed Petal Pouches

I decided to make two Petal Pouches (one for me and one for a birthday gift) using this amazing fabric. This was my second time to make the pattern, and it produces such a nice pouch. The shape is fun, and using a metal zipper just feels fancy.

FO: Ice-dyed Petal Pouches

I also recently made a pile of open wide pouches.

FO: Open Wide Pouches

I can't believe this was my first time to make these pouches. Anna's tutorial is nearly five years old, but for some reason, I never got around to it. I used fusible fleece on a second set (I will share those later), which helped them keep their shape.

And most recently, I made two gifty pouches using Jeni's Triplizip pattern. Somehow, I still have a million zippers, so I suspect there will be some more pouches in my immediate future.

Monday, March 13, 2017

FO: Pistachio and Gillyweed

Last year, I knit the Drachenfels shawl using some of my very favorite yarns. I used: Hedgehog Fibres Sock in Pistachio, a gift from Jeni, leftover MadelineTosh Sock in Big Sur (originally used in another green shawl, Daybreak), and Moonrover Wyld in Gillyweed (which I continue to proclaim is the bast green ever).

It was so nice to wear Drachenfels in Wisconsin this month.

The winter there has been fairly mild, but it felt nice and cold in comparison to Houston!

Every stitch of this shawl made me happy (and I have learned that shawl knitting is my favorite), although I didn't stick strictly to the pattern (partially human error, partially wanting a slightly smaller shawl).

More details on ravelry

And currently, I'm knitting the Find your Fade shawl, in a palette that Lisa Frank would appreciate!

Monday, February 20, 2017

FO: Skinny Triangles

FO: Skinny Triangles

I love how I bragged in this post about how fast I finished the quilt top. And then it sat for over a year before I quilted it.
Whatever. It's done! And now it lives with my nephew!

WIP: Skinny triangles

I started with a happy pile of fabric, including Rain Walk prints and lots of other favorites in (mainly) primary colors. I added in a few improv elements, playing on the triangle theme.

Skinny Triangles quilt top

Skinny Triangles

When I started this quilt, my nephew didn't exist yet.

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As I finished it up in January, it felt like the perfect choice for him, and my sister agrees.

FO: Skinny Triangles

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