Monday, September 29, 2014

I have a lot to say. Honest.

I keep writing posts in my head, or making notes of posts I want to write. It doesn't always happen, obviously. It's my month to plan the quilt in my do.Good Stitches circle again. I pinned this a few months ago, and thought it would make a great group quilt, so that's what we'll be doing. These blocks are such a good use of triangle scraps, which always seem to accumulate in my sewing room.

I've picked out some scraps in orange, yellow, blue and green, and I cut 5.5" squares in various neutral solid fabrics. I haven't decided if I'll use them as Amber did in that pinned photo, or if I'll lay them out like this instead:

I've got several other triangle-scrapped WIPs happening around here as well.
{Mental note: photograph those WIPs and share them}
I have shamefully not finished my last do.Good Stitches quilt yet, but it's basted and sitting by my machine, so....

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Around the World

You might have already seen Around the World posts in the blogosphere. I was invited by both Jessica and Elizabeth to join in (I'm a few days early for Elizabeth's tag, but I'm just going to post once!). Thanks for inviting me, friends! So, I'll jump right in with a few thoughts on sewing, and some photos that make me happy.

1. What quilting/sewing thing am I working on?

So, you may already know that I have many projects going on at the same time. I've tried to be monogamous, or monogamish, as C would say. I do tend to focus on a project with my whole head and heart, once I hit a certain point. Currently, the sewing project that has (most of) my attention is this curvy number.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

If I had to choose one word to describe my style, it would be scrappy. If I could pick a second word, I'd pick vibrant. I've been told that my pairing of colors or prints is unexpected, which I take as a compliment.

I think some people are afraid of making a daring choice, whether it be a print or color.

But quilting, as with any craft, should be about fun and expression. I like trying new blocks, new techniques, and new patterns. I like using every last bit of a fabric. Sorting scraps or pulling fabrics is lots of fun. Of course, having a well-rounded stash is part of that last bit.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

Creating gives me such a sense of confidence.

No matter how crappy a day is, if I can get a little sewing or knitting in, it's not so bad. I never imagined crafting would provide me with so much calm.

And I love giving handmade gifts. making something special for a friend or family member warms my heart.

I tag: Claudia, Amanda-My Sewcial Hour and Amanda-The Craft Junky. I met all three of these wonderful ladies at sewing summit. Claudia lives in Germany, and I'm dying to make her star plus quilt, which she's about to release as a pattern.
Amanda-My Sewcial Hour lives just a few hours from me, and I've had the pleasure of spending long hours with her at retreats, soaking up her amazingness. And Amanda-The Craft Junky, well, I'm amazed by her drive. She recently sold her screenprinted wares at two conventions. I don't know how she pulled that off, but she is awesome. I love talking to her about current and future projects.

So, that's it! Claudia and the two Amandas will post next week!

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Quilter's Mixology

Come visit Sara's blog today to read about my newest WIP, from Angela's A Quilter's Mixology!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Paper piecing is my favorite

I mean, I have a lot of favorites. Paper piecing is definitely in my top three. It's so satisfying.

Yesterday, I pieced this fancy little dress. The ">pattern is by Charise Creates, and it was really fun to piece. I previously used her apron pattern, but I still haven't decided how I want to finish it. The oh-so-feminine fabric is Cherie by Frances Newcombe. I really love this line, and I think it is perfect for little dresses, or real dresses, for that matter! I have plans for this block already, and I hope to execute that plan soon!

I'm also working on some shirts, from Carolyn Friedlander's fun pattern. Lee has hosted two previous rounds of the All Shirts Swap, and I finally joined in for round three. I've got about seven weeks left before I have to ship my shirts, so I hope to make lots more of these little guys! if you'd like to join in, you can find the details here.

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