Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Marcelle Medallion: a love story

Over on instagram, a new quilt-along has emerged. It was unintentional, but pictures of the Marcella Medallion quilt, from Alexia Abegg's new Liberty Love book, are popping up. This, combined with purchasing her book (and getting it signed! yay!) at Quiltcon, made me do it.

Marcelle Medallion

I cut my first pieces yesterday, and sewed the center block together. There are some partial seams which I have little experience with, but I just went for it.

I added my first border today.

The beginning

I am going to spend the afternoon cleaning my sewing room (disaster!) and choosing fabric for the next border.

Truthfully, this type of quilt is my favorite.
Maybe because you get to choose so many fabrics?
I don't know what it is, but it is happy. Maybe this will encourage me to return to my Modern Medallion project from Rachel's handstitched class last summer.

I stalled out and haven't returned to it.

Soon, I want to share a full-disclosure WIP list, along with a few "needs fixing" projects. I think it will help me achieve some difficult finishes to be accountable. But for today, for this week, I'm going to bask in the glow of Marcelle.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wonky Bee, Traveling Edition

I have lots to say about Quiltcon, but I'm still processing some things. I hope to share my thoughts in the next few days. I'm embarrassed to say that I took very few pictures. I have a few from my cell phone, at least. Luckily, there are lots of people that were better than I. It was a really wonderful experience.

Today, I wanted to show some progress on round three of the Wonky Bee. As you may remember, this is a traveling round. Along with basic guidelines or desires, you send a stack of fabric and a starter block(s) to the next person. It's been lots of fun so far! We are working on our third rotation.

Nicke's traveling quilt

I received Nicke's quilt first. Her block is on the top; I added two blocks below, and of course, some Dear Stella stars. I loved the embroidery, especially!

Wonky bee: Melissa's quilt

Melissa's quilt was next. Her project consists of (mostly) gradient strips at varying widths.

First word

I just finished my first word for Jessica's quilt. I just love the scrappy neutral look. I hope to make another word, and assemble some of the blocks (since we're past the halfway point).

Wonky Bee Round 3

You may remember this stack of fabrics, which I selected for my quilt.

The start of my quilt

I started with these blocks, and both Sara and Amanda have added some fun things!

Traveling Wonky Bee
Amanda's progress, photo by Amanda

Wonky Bee R3
Wonky Bee R3
Sara's additions, photos by Sara

I'm excited to see how this quilt turns out!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

FO(s): Two duffels

Quiltcon! It's here! By the time you read this, I will already be in Austin. I made a new duffel bag for the occasion, and an extra for my friend, Rhonda.

FO: Rhonda's Bag

I made this one for Rhonda. I used a Dear Stella print, Flea Market Fancy seeds, and a Stamped print for the outside.


I decided to use a little Aviary 2 for the inside, as well as some Innocent Crush woodcut and more seeds.

FO: Cosmonaut Duffle

As for my bag, I went with Cosmonaut Pearl Bracelets, a stripe from Out to Sea, and a pink/white pinstripe. Classy!

I used this Gingercake pattern. I really love the resulting bags. I had a little trouble with the pattern, but I definitely recommend it. Just be patient, and read through before you start cutting. I ended up wasting some fabric because of my hastiness. The bottom of the bag is quilted for durability, which I appreciate! I might add extra reinforcement in the sides next time, but other than that, perfection!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FO: Hedgehog Apron

Thanks for all of your kind comments on Bridges. It feels so good to see improvement in a skill, like free-motion quilting. My word this year has really pushed me to be (mostly) monogamous (or monogamish, as C says) in my crafting.

But sometimes, like with my pincushion, a quick, fun project is what you need.

FO: hedgehog apron

A couple of weeks ago, it was this hedgehog apron.

My home decor weight fabric stash is a little unwieldy. That hedgehog fabric (acquired at least a year ago from Superbuzzy has always been a favorite, but I wasn't sure what to do with it.

I realized that although home dec might not be suitable for an apron skirt (a little too stiff for my liking), it would work well for the bodice.

I used my favorite apron pattern (previously made here, here and here.

Somehow, I'd never made one for myself, and the project definitely brought me happiness.

I hope to find more practical uses for my home decor stash soon!

Monday, February 11, 2013

FO: Bridges

This sounds crazy, but I finished four quilts last month. There was the Wintry Shoo-fly, Meena's baby quilt, the Madrona Road MQG challenge, and this one.

FO: Bridges

WIP: 2wenty Thre3

I started this one back in November, shortly after quilt market. 2wenty THr3e (so weird to write it that way) was one of my favorite lines from market, and I managed to get two "candy" charm packs (2.5" squares).

I resolved that I would minimize the use of other prints and make a quilt top with them. After looking through my solids stash, I loved the look of Kona Pond with the 23(shortening here) palette.
I also used an unknown burgundy solid, in small bits. As you can see from the photo above, I started with blocks of strips, and used Kona Pond to fill in the rest.


A swirly free-motion pattern felt right on this; it's a very soft color scheme.

I wrote my name on it.

I had the best time quilting this one. I wrote my name and some other fun things.


The resulting texture is crinkly. delicious. comforting.

The back

I used a variety of stashed remnants and more Kona Pond and burgundy for the back.
This one measures 50" x 64".

This one really challenged me; I have a hard time limiting prints and letting solids really shine. I love it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A mini for Jeni

A few months back, Jeni sent me a package of fabrics. Lots of happy prints. It was so generous, and ever since then, I'd been thinking of how to reciprocate. I remembered the adorable bunny block in the Super Penguin QAL Ayumi is doing, and immediately knew it would be perfect for Jeni. Her bunny, George, is just the cutest!

Paper piecing, I love you.

I pieced the bunny in colors Jeni loves. She collects Pyrex and vintage dishes, and I thought the Maude Asbury Summer House print worked perfectly for the dish. I used a P&B Textiles print for George, and used two Tula Pink prints as well.

A mini for Jeni

I finished the block into a little mini (can't remember my dimensions, but it's smaller then 15" square). I free-motion quilted it with little loops, but didn't quilt the bunny and dish.

Jeni's fabric line, Color Me Retro is coming out very soon. Like, now!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Tiny Food Party success!

It's a Tiny Food Party!

Remember this book? I shared a post about it late last year. Since then, I have tried two other recipes. One never got blogged (because the dish was inhaled before I could photograph), and here is the other:

Everything is better in MINI form

These are white chocolate cheesecakes! I used less white chocolate than was called for, and I really loved the results. They are not overly sweet, and so super cute. I used my regular muffin pan, with a yield of eleven cakes. The blueberry compote (also included in the book) was also delicious. I expect I'll enjoy some on my yogurt this week!

In another food news, I really love this x-stitch pattern.

Linking up today with Tuesday at the Table!

Although I haven't blogged about every recipe, I managed to try three new ones last month. These cheesecakes are the first for February!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hippo! Giveaway!

Liz is a fellow HMQG member. She is a super fun person, and has just started making adorable hippos for her etsy shop. She agreed to share one for a giveaway here!

This is the group she just finished for Valentine's Day. I love she names each hippo, and they seem to have their own personalities.

She carefully constructs each one, with sturdy seams, and dense stuffing.

Each one comes with a ribbon and handmade tag. These would make great gifts, I think!

Liz is offering a discount code in case you don't win. Just visit her shop and use code Ruby10 for 10% off any hippo! This code is good until February 14th. Liz will be making more, too, so please check back!

Aren't they cute? I don't think I'd ever have the patience to make one of these myself. Making these little guys was stressful enough, and they are definitely not constructed like the hippos!

Ruby is up for grabs. Just leave a comment, and tell me what fabric print you would love to see on a hippo! Personally? I think there should be a Good Folks Cathedral hippo...

One comment per person, and US residents only. I apologize to international peeps!

You can enter until Friday morning, CST.

Thanks to Liz for sharing!

ETA: Comments are now closed. The winner is, #1! That never happens, but the Random Number Generator proves it can! Rachel wins!

Thanks to all who entered!

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