Wednesday, July 30, 2014

FO: Brickless

While at Stash Bash, several of us knitters decided to knit Brickless. I loved knitting it, and I finished in less than a month, but then, of course, it sat in the closet for two months before I blocked it. Yesterday. It happens.

Blocking isn't difficult, but I always seem to put it off. I think the cats are the real reason I avoid it; they love to sit on things, including wet, pinned knitting.

I used a skein of Kinfolk Yarn and Fibre MCN High Twist, in Western Sky. It was a Christmas gift from E, and I was happy to use it so quickly. The leftovers went towards my Scrappy Hue Shift (and I sent some to other blanket knitters as well).

I have one more finished shawl in the blocking pile, and one mystery shawl that is unfinished....

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Geranium in Grenada

While in Grenada, I got the chance to photograph Adelaide in her Geranium dress that I made last year.

I made the 12-18 month size, and at 18 months, she is still getting lots of wear out of it. Seeing her in it made my heart sing. She's such a sweet kiddo.

In other Geranium news, Alison Glass has featured several projects made with her new Field Day fabric, including the Geranium dress I made for spring market. You should check out the post, as she's giving away a fat quarter bundle and an Aurifil box!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

FO: Mustang apron

Thanks for your kind words on my Grenada photos. I'm sure I'll share a few more in the next few weeks. I whipped up a quick project this weekend, when my Cotton + Steel preorder arrived from Pink Castle. I decided to immediately cut into it. I've got a lot of projects in the works, so a larger project just isn't possible right now. But this apron gave me the gratification I needed!

It's a gift for Amanda, since she's vending at both LeakyCon and DragonCon very soon. You may remember this one I made for myself when I participated in a craft fair. The pattern is from Ruby Star Wrapping. For Amanda's, I used two Cotton + Steel prints, and I included the selvage:

I thought the message that Melody Miller used was very fitting for Amanda. I know she will be successful at her conventions!

Monday, July 21, 2014

FO: Poolside Tote (and some Grenada photos)

Isn't it strange to come home from vacation? I feel like our Grenada trip was a long time ago, even though it's only been a week. I guess it's easy to re-immerse yourself in everyday life. We stayed a week with Elliott's sister and family in their new home. We saw some beautiful sights and a different way of life. I was surprised by the variety of terrain on such a (relatively) small island. Grenada is about 130 square miles, but elevation reaches 2,700 feet at the highest point. Here's a handful of landscapes we experienced on our trip:

Morne Rouge Beach

Hiking to St. Margaret's waterfall

St. Margaret's

Atlantic, near Fort Jeudy

The garden

From the glass bottom boat, which was my favorite thing. Check out the underwater sculpture garden, which we were able to see from the boat!

I made Anna's Poolside Tote for the trip, and it was such a great choice. It served as my carry-on bag, and I toted it along each day, with my camera, a towel, and other essentials. I am planning to make a few more as gifts in the next few months. Honestly, I think it's my favorite of Anna's patterns. The size is nice, and I love the durability of those straps.

Next time, I have a few more pictures to share of the trip, including Oliver and Adelaide!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

FO: Scrappy Trip

Hello! I got back into town a few days ago from visiting E's sister and family in Granada. I have thoughts and pictures to share from that adventure, but first, I want to show you my scrappy trip around the world.

I finished this up and photographed it before we left, and I really love it. I won't lie; the process of making this quilt was a little boring to me. I started the quilt over a year ago, and stalled out with just a block or two made before January.

I took it to the Stash Bash, and was able to finish a few more blocks.

When I was planning my projects for round two of Madison, WI (I went last month, and I don't think I shared that here!), I knew that this quilt would be goal number one.

I managed to finish the top while I was there, and immediately quilted it when I got home.

I quilted in a simple crosshatch through each square, which really didn't take very long at all.

Oh, and the backing is two similar prints from the stash: (Alison Glass Bike Path in grass and Patty Young Circle Stitch in Olive. I bound with an eternal favorite: Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow Herringbone in Lake.

This quilt reminds me of our wedding, because many of the strips I used are leftovers from the wedding souvenir napkins I made.

On the Madison trip, I kept insisting that this would be only scrappy trip quilt ever, and Jeni teased that I would change my mind on that. As much as I love it, I really don't see myself making another, but who knows?

ETA: Check out Holly's recap for more retreat photos, including some of the finished scrappy trip top!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tula 100 Progress

I just realized that it's been awhile since I posted on the Tula 100 project. This is an ongoing WIP, that I started back in February. I've been making the blocks in book order, and I finished the 25th block last week.

Here are all 25 blocks together. I'm loving them! I tend to cut for several blocks at once, which helps me see progress on a project like this.

I'm taking a little blogging break, but I've got a finished scrappy trip along to share when I return!

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