Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I lied (see post below)

Since I had to find a knitting related present for Sarah, I of course, scoured some of my favorite websites to find something special for her. In doing so, I of course stumbled upon some yarn I had to have for yet another desired FO. So my post below was a total lie, even though I really thought (kind of) that I could hold out until Christmas. Eh, such is life.
I'm going to see my beloved grandparents this weekend. We always have a blast. They live on a farm, I get to feed animals, we have a bonfire at night, a fire in the fireplace, delicious food, eggnog, you name it. I'll be driving home, but I think I'll have knitting time on the way up this afternoon. Plus, since my grandparents go to bed at the crack of sunset, I'll be able to work on some stuff in the evenings. I'm hoping to finish Jan's hat, Jenny's fetching(s), and maybe start another Christmas project. As much as I'd love to work on my CPH, I know I really need to use this time to work on Christmas presents.
Happy turkey day!

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