Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not the greatest day ever

The day so far:
-woke up sniffling at 5:30
-went to the dentist
-found out I have to get wisdom teeth removed (I thought I was out of the woods-I'm 26)
-came to work
-found out the insurance policy on my townhome never went into effect because some idiot at the insurance agency didn't cross her t's.

Bright side: my sister is coming by work and we'll get to eat lunch together.
Even dimmer bright side: when I get my wisdom teeth out, hopefully I can stay home and knit once I come out of the pain/stupor.
There's no doubt I'm an optimist, right?


  1. Sounds good to me. I once decided to have voluntary nose surgery (deviated septum) because it meant I could stay home from work for up to a week! I didn't even knit back then. I just really REALLY hated my job.

  2. Eck, sorry about the wisdom teeth. I had them removed when I was in my early 20s...not really too bad. But, I had had my tonsils removed a year or 2 earlier, and that really sucked, so by comparison the wisdom teeth were a breeze. Hope you have a good result!!


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