Monday, January 5, 2009

FO: Purple waffles

A new pair of fingerless gloves for me, which is a good thing, since my mischievous little cat has ruined my Fetchings (the green ones). After finishing my mom's mitts last month, I had more than half a ball of the Malabrigo in Purple Mystery left.


Waffe Stitch Fingerless Gloves by Jil Toporkiewicz
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted, Purple Mystery, approx. 108 yards
Needle: Size 6 straights
Time: 5 days
Recipient: ME!
Thoughts: The pattern is incredibly easy, and works up so fast, since you knit them straight and then seam. I sewed a little button on one of the wrists, just for a little extra something. Also, I don't know if you can tell, but they're actually upside down as compared to the pattern. I like them the way they came out, and I will definitely come back to this pattern when I need a quick and lovely gift.

I finished these on the first, so they are definitely my first FO of 2009. I have second finished object to share, but I'd like to wait until I have some lovely modeled photos to show you. I'll give you a hint, though: it's one of the three WIPs I listed as goals to complete this year!


  1. Yay for fingerless gloves! They are my favorite accessory to knit. Those look fabulous, and I'm glad you were able to crank out a pair for yourself. :)

  2. Love the button - how creative!


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