Sunday, November 15, 2009

FO: Starry Night Shawl

It's been almost two months since my Boston trip. And that's how long I've had this shawl done. Seriously. Two months, and I haven't shared it yet.
This is the shawl I cast on while working on my Boston Marine Cardigan (I needed something to work on while I was waiting to start the button band-you know how those can go!). I finished it the morning I flew home.

Completion: Starry Night Shawl

My blog friend Peter recently wrote about vacationing and knitting, and the connections you can make while working on something in a certain place. I definitely think of Boston every time I see this shawl. The colors are perfect, too; they make me think of Boston Harbor, and our fun ferry ride.

Boston Harbor


Pattern: HelloKnitty's Multnomah Shawl
Yarn: The Unique Sheep Verve in Dusk Dark, 1 skein (I have just a couple of yards left!)
Needles: KnitPicks Circular, Size 3
Time: Just under a month. I could have finished it faster (see above to remember this was a procrastination WIP), but there was no rush.

Completion: Starry Night Shawl
Recipient: Not sure. I will save it for now, but maybe it will be a gift at some point.

FO: Nomah! Shawl
Thoughts/mods/notes: The pattern is well written, and easy to follow. I'm really a big fan of the sock yarn shawl. It's easy to see why they're so popular these days. I'm sure there will be more in my future. No mods to the pattern. The yarn is awesome; my Ishbel was knit in the same yarn. I'm a big fan of The Unique Sheep.

FO: Boston "Nomah" Shawl

As you can tell, there is some pooling, since the yarn is predominantly blue and yellow (although there is a lot more subtle variation than that). I like it, though. I dig it.

FO: Nomah! Shawl


  1. Cute! The fun colors totally remind me of boats and vacations and water.

  2. It looks great! I knew I wasn't the only one who associated my knitting with where I was when I made the project...

  3. Wow, that shawl really is beautiful. I'm hooked on the idea of a sock yarn shawl but have yet to try one. Gorgeous! :)

  4. That is TOTALLY Van Gogh's Starry Night in a shawl! Love it!

  5. Very neat effect on the shawl, it is reminiscent of water! I definitely have a few knitting projects that I strongly associate with road trips, vacations etc. Oh, and congratulations on your finished socks!

  6. love the colors in your shawl. it's gorgeous!


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