Monday, September 20, 2010

Progress Shot of Lila

Somehow, as busy as the weekend was, I found time to finish the body of Lila.

Progress: Lila

I did several increases after hitting my belly button, since I omitted the pattern increases past the bust.

I'm still on the fence regarding the sleeves. I've got plenty of yarn left (2.3 balls), so any length is possible. As soon as I make a decision, I'll finish this one up.

Thoughts on the sleeve length?


  1. I'm kind of feeling the short sleeves on this one. I love the color too; very pretty.

  2. With this yarn, I think short sleeves would look great.

  3. it looks beautiful--i love that color. i'm a big fan of 3/4 sleeves, as they're mostly all-season. at least around here.

  4. It looks gorgeous already!! I also vote for 3./4 length sleeves, but if you find you get chilly a lot, then full length sleeves. Cosiness is important.

  5. This is so pretty. I think short sleeves...although I am a sucker for 3/4 sleeves. Sorry, I am no help.

  6. looks so pretty! I can provide no help on sleeves...I think short would be very cute but personally would probably tend to go for 3/4 length or full if it looked okay with the design.

  7. That is coming along fabulously! I'm thinking short sleeves or cap sleeves. But it's over 100 degrees right now, so that might be influencing my decision. :P


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