Friday, June 8, 2012

Try, try again

I don't think I've mentioned that I signed up for Rachel's Handstitched class. I hemmed and hawed about it, partially because I have so many things to finish (and to start), and I wasn't sure if I "needed" a class like this. I talked to E about it, and he encouraged me to do it.
I realized there are many topics covered in the course that I have little or no experience with, and knew this would be a focused way to acquire those skills.
I knew I would learn these skills SOMEDAY, but Rachel's class will help me learn them NOW.
Signing up has already given me new tools and confidence when approaching a hand sewing project. I'm so glad I joined.
Not to mention, the Modern Medallion quilt. Ooh, such a beauty! Yes, out of all of the projects Rachel shared sneak peeks of, THIS project pushed me over the edge.
Fabrics have been selected for my MM version: Modern Medallion fabrics I completed my center block this week, but I was not satisfied with my work. With little applique experience, I dove in, completing the block in one evening. Since this will be the centerpiece of the quilt, I decided that I would take the things I learned from the first to make an improved second block.

Modern Medallion
Block attempt #1

I used too much starch on the edges, my stitches are not very even, my inner corners are messy, there are puckers (I bet partially due to too much starch) and to top it off, I trimmed the block too much.

I'm not this picky about small mistakes typically, but as I said, this will be the centerpiece, and I knew I could make a better block based on the experience. I've already started it, and I'm much happier with it so far. There was not another large piece of that lovely HTF Amy Butler Coriander in the stash, so I'm using an Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party for the replacement.

Don't worry about the fate of this block; I see a pillow or mini in my future!

I plan to share other projects from Rachel's class throughout the summer.


In other quilting news, I'll have a fun finish to share very, very soon!


  1. Very cool about your class & all you are learning! Love the sneak peek too!

  2. i'm looking forward to seeing your handstitched work. love that stack you pulled. it's very "you."

    the quilt preview looks lovely as well. look at you go with your weird love of binding. ;-)

  3. I'm a bit nervous to start the medallion. I started with the smaller projects first. (especially since the quilt is using most of the rest of my Parisville stash.) Your quilt stack is gorgeous!

  4. ooh, hooray! this quilt is going to be amazing. and i'm jealous that you're learning all these skills. someday i'll need some lessons from you.

  5. Ooohhh... Washi binding!! I love it!

  6. This is awesome-- I saw your photo of the medallion the other day but didn't put it together with the quilt Rachel made. That class is going to rock-- I wish I had time to do it, too! Handsewing is a whole different set of skills, and it's nice to be versatile. Can't wait to see the quilt you're binding, too. Great colors!

  7. perfect binding and holy schmoley... that quilting jacey! LOVE it! i also love your stack for your medalion quilt. it is going to be so beautiful jacey! xo

  8. I love that you've pulled all sorts of different fabrics. I am the type of person who goes with all one collection...and yes...I did that for the Medallion quilt, too. Really wish I could get myself to think a bit more outside the box, but I'm new to quilting so hopefully that will come. (Mine is going to be in Grand Hotel.)

  9. I always learn something new when I take a class. Your skills are going to be through the roof!

  10. Oh, I love that binding! Love the clutches too, aren't magnetic snaps great?!?

  11. I think it is great that you remade the medallion center, I agree that it is such a show-piece center, you should be happy with it. Also it will be fantastic to have a matching pillow!

  12. I've been catching you on Flickr, but I'm late to the party here. Glad you'll be sharing the journey. I really do love the fabrics you've chosen. Like Sara said, so "you". Your quilt is going to be uber cool.

  13. Wow!! Your quilt is gonna be awesome! Love the boldness of your fabric choices.


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