Monday, March 10, 2014

A backlog of knits

I haven't shared knitting here in months, even though there's been lots of knitting.

Most recently, I finished an Elis cowl, a free pattern using a new-to-me stitch, Indian cross stitch. It's very simple (although it took a little getting used to), and I think it's lovely in this semi-solid Madeline Tosh Sport.

I've also been working on the Ysolda mystery shawl, Follow your arrow. I'm nearly finished (although those last rows seem to take ages to complete! I have this and another shawl still on the back burner.

I knit this fingering-weight hat, the Serpentine, and promptly gifted it to a sweet friend.

I kept this one (Facets for myself, though. It's gotten lots of wear in the last few months!

This three-year-old pair of socks finally got finished. I really want to be a sock knitter. But they just drag for me.

Finally, I knit Andi's Iz cowl. And I actually got good use of it this winter. Note: this picture was not taken in Houston, but in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with actual snow!

This year, I made a goal for myself to stash LESS. Note I'm not saying NONE! My rule is that I can purchase one skein for each three that I use. So far, there have been no yarn purchases for the year. I've used enough (and destashed a few) to buy, but I'm really attempting to use the yarn I have, which is abundant. It's been a great incentive to knit more often!


  1. Yay! Thanks for sharing all your knits -- I've been knitting a lot more, too and it's nice to have company :) I like your self-imposed rule for yarn purchases. I've been trying to focus on planning projects for my existing yarn and I've been pretty successful but could do better. I felt like I could have written a similar post, you echoed so many things in my head right now :)

  2. That's a great collection of FOs! I especially like the Indian cross stitch cowl. I've been knitting with mostly stash yarn lately and it's nice to see the stash shrinking. Hopefully we can both keep it up!

  3. gorgeous knits, and gorgeous you xxx

  4. wow lots of knits! great job on using what you have. i've been surprised at how easy it's been not buying new stash. and yet the storage bins don't seem to shrink any either.


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