Monday, September 29, 2014

I have a lot to say. Honest.

I keep writing posts in my head, or making notes of posts I want to write. It doesn't always happen, obviously. It's my month to plan the quilt in my do.Good Stitches circle again. I pinned this a few months ago, and thought it would make a great group quilt, so that's what we'll be doing. These blocks are such a good use of triangle scraps, which always seem to accumulate in my sewing room.

I've picked out some scraps in orange, yellow, blue and green, and I cut 5.5" squares in various neutral solid fabrics. I haven't decided if I'll use them as Amber did in that pinned photo, or if I'll lay them out like this instead:

I've got several other triangle-scrapped WIPs happening around here as well.
{Mental note: photograph those WIPs and share them}
I have shamefully not finished my last do.Good Stitches quilt yet, but it's basted and sitting by my machine, so....


  1. I checked my blog reader last night and both you and kristie (OCD) had posts about not posting, haha. Made me feel a little better about my total lack of blog activity pretty much all summer. Time to get back in the saddle for me!

  2. Well, if you are behind in your blog-making, I am behind in my blog-reading! I saw your blocks in the Love pool already and was glad to anticipate some triangle scrap-busting. That's ALWAYS on my list of to dos. Thanks!


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