Tuesday, November 18, 2014

FO: Orchid Thief

If you're not a knitter, you may not know this: a shawl isn't finished until it has been blocked. Before blocking, a shawl is just an undefined blob. But with blocking, there's magic.

The pattern emerges.

It becomes airy and delicate.

And it only took me 8 months after knitting to "finish" this one.

Why is that?

Details here on ravelry.


  1. maybe because blocking blows? I just had to reblock one of my shawls and even with blocking wires i think it took over an hour. blurgh!

    your shawl looks totally gorgeous though. just sayin.

  2. hahaha! blocking does TOTALLY blow! Beautiful shawl :-D

  3. It's stunning. I hate blocking.

  4. I love, love, love it! And I loved seeing the transformation in person. I don't look forward to blocking my Brickless...I might need lessons. ha ha!

    1. I did a horseshoe shape with my blocking mats (diagram on my blogpost here: and curled it around, but I saw someone who simply pinned the top edge around the edges of an ironing board and let gravity take care of opening it up. It looked pretty good.

  5. This looks so beautiful. I have this pattern, I really should knit it because whenever I see the finished projects I want one!


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