Monday, December 22, 2014

FO: Citadel

I love this hat.

I love knitted hats in general, but this is one of my two favorite hat patterns that I've tried over the past seven years (the other is Facets). The texture is beautiful, and in this Colour Adventures Stunning DK, a semi-solid single-ply merino (very similar to Malabrigo, but less pilling so far), it's so happy. The pattern is Citadel, by Hedgehog Fibres (free!).

My awesome sister took some pictures over Thanksgiving. I love the touch of fall you can see in this one, and how it compliments the hat. I've been wearing this one constantly.

I also started a sweater back in September, which is getting most of my knitting attention these days. It's Backshore, by Alicia Plummer, but as you can see, I'm modifying the stripe width as I go. I thought some skinnier stripes would be more flattering, and I decided to add a second stripe color, because why not?
I hope to finish the body of this by the end of the year.


  1. Beautiful hat pattern (surprisingly I don't remember seeing that one even though some days it feels like I have favorited every one on Ravelry!), beautiful photos, and beautiful hat model. Seeing that smile was just what I needed this morning!

  2. Love your hat - love your beautiful smile! Awesome fall color background!!

  3. stunning hat! you've been so busy lately. love the wonky stars and the custom order too.


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