Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fantastic quilt voyage

Traveling quilts are so much fun. I highly recommend starting or joining one, if you get the chance. I participated in my first with the wonky bee, and this amazing quilt was the result:

. This quilt hangs in our living room, and I love thinking of the wonky girls that helped make it (Sara, Melissa, Nicke, Amanda and Jessica).

So, late last year, I schemed with a few friends to start a new traveling quilt bee: the fantastic quilt voyage (and I may or may not have had the Coolio song in my brain when the name emerged).

A traveling quilt bee is very similar to a regular sewing bee. The main difference is that each person starts a quilt simultaneously, and each quilt progresses in a different order of participants. You get to pick your own palette and style, and the hopeful result is that each person gets a quilt top (or a pile of blocks) that makes them super happy.

I chose a bright and saturated palette for my FQV:

and I created this pinterest board for inspiration:
Follow Jacey's board Fantastic Quilt Voyage on Pinterest.

I can't wait to see how each friend contributes to this project!

I just finished my contribution for Holly's quilt.

Her colors are so soft and sophisticated. Holly encouraged an element of handmade fabric, so I tried my hand at some stenciling (my pieces are the mint green with triangles!). I just received Nicke's quilt, and I'm jazzed to make a little something fun for her next.


  1. These seem like so much fun. One day I'd love to join into something like this once I have more sewing time and confidence! Of course I would have to embrace the random when doing something like this but I'm learning that doing that is a good thing (that first picture is a prime example!).


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