Tuesday, June 9, 2015

FOs: Socks!

let me just say that both pairs of socks you're about to see have been finished. For months. Back in January, I talked a little about my knitting goals for the year. My sock yarn bin is overflowing, and I've been trying to make some sort of dent in it. There's no dent, but hey, look! Socks!

FO: Vintage Hermoines">

First, Hermoine's Everyday Socks in Squoosh Ultra Sock-Vintage (available at ESK). This pair was fun to knit, and I love them, except that I would only cast on 60 stitches for a future pair. I've found that's my magic number on a size 1 needle.

FO: Vintage Hermoines

I finished this pair in a month, which is big news for me.

FO: Sparky Charade

Pair number two is Charade in Spun Right Round, Sparky the Sock, Rah Rah colorway. These are just about the most perfect sock ever. The fit is great (60 stitch cast on), the pattern was siumple enough to memorize, and the yarn. The yarn!

FO: Sparky Charade

Yeah, I love them.


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