Monday, September 28, 2015

FO: A quilt for Ginger

Ginger embroidery

I was recently asked to make a memory quilt for a sweet dog named Ginger. Ginger belonged to a close friend of Elliott's, and I was given a collection of scarves from Ginger's groomer. Given the oblong shape and size of these fabric pieces, I thought a coin quilt would be a simple way to showcase them, and I used a Timeless Treasures Sketch print for the background. The quilt is a decent throw size.

I embroidered Ginger's name near the center (I traced a printed version to get the bubble letters, from a Word document), and the embroidery is my favorite part. I quilted it simply in a very light blue thread.

Ginger quilt

I never thought I would make a memorial quilt for a dog, but I'm glad I could give her family some comfort.


  1. I love this - so such a thoughtful way to keep Ginger with her family. I love the layout that you chose as well and the color placement!

  2. What a sweet idea, for such a special quilt. Great use of her scarves, and very pretty on the blue background.


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