Monday, June 13, 2016

May recap - new recipes

We managed to try seven new recipes last month!

Texas Hillside

Unrelated to food, but here are some bluebonnets!

-Peach pecan crisp
We got a box of peaches from my dad and step-mom and this was a tasty way to enjoy them!

-Pecan-crusted crappie from the Homesick Texan cookbook
We used grouper, and loved this. The sauce was especially great!

-Roasted tomatillo chickpea curry
Um, YES. We will make this again, and maybe with Naan next time.

- Ninfa's spicy pickled carrots
My sister has made this recipe several times, and I feel like this will be a new fridge staple for me. Good with everything!

-Chocolate PB banana yogurt popsicles
These were... okay. We got a new popsicle tray and this was our first attempt. I think the chocolate was too much on these (is that a thing?). We made a second batch using just vanilla yogurt and the fudge ripple leftovers (see below!), and they were delicious. Maybe this recipe just felt like too many flavors at once.

-Oregano-black olive vinaigrette, from Cook's Country magazine, April 2007
Yum. You infuse olive oil with oregano for this recipe, and it was very flavorful. Also, yay for using herbs from our patio!

-Fudge ripple, from The Perfect Scoop
I would say that 'ripple' is a little misleading, because this seemed like a delicious homemade chocolate syrup to me. Name aside, we used this with a homemade vanilla ice cream (from the same book, but not a new recipe for me!), and then, as mentioned, layered with vanilla (Noosa) yogurt to make popsicles.

I hope you find something new to try this week!


  1. yum! Love that you are trying new recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Guess I've never actually seen bluebonnets before! Don't know what I expected them to look like, but definitely surprised to see they are lupines. Very lovely picture!


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