Monday, May 14, 2018

April recap, vacation photos

Yosemite, day 1

Well, let's be honest. I'm not doing so hot with my goal of one post a week. I'm going to try and get back on track with that, and today I'm going to share a quick recap of April finishes, fabric/yarn totals and a few photos from our anniversary trip to Yosemite and Monterey.

My April stash update:

Fabric: +5.75 yards
Yarn: -374 yards

Fabric total 2018: -39.125 yards
Yarn total 2018: -4,326 yards

This was my first month to net a gain in fabric, so I need to do better in May (which is made challenging since I've already got a few purchases under my belt!).

I only managed to try one new recipe in April, but it was a winner: Swirled Sesame Tea Cake. I've already tried one this month, so again, I'm hoping to do better. I finished a book, The Golden Compass, which I loved. I intend to read the second book of the trilogy soon.

So, Elliott and I just celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary, and we decided to go back to Yosemite and Monterey.

Yosemite, day 1

Yosemite, day 1

Yosemite day 2Yosemite, day 1

I know some people may not enjoy returning to a vacation spot. But when we visited Yosemite two years ago, it was a brief visit, and we left already wanting to return. I'm so glad we did, and we explored further into Yosemite Valley, as well as the Hetch Hetchy area. We hiked a ton, saw countless waterfalls and just enjoyed being together.

Monterey Peninsula

We finished with a couple of days on the Monterey peninsula. There are a few more photos on flickr, if you're interested.

I've got a few finished quilts to share, so I'll be back with some FO posts soon!

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