Wednesday, October 24, 2018

New quilt labels!

I know it's been ages since I shared anything here, but I'm hoping to do better, starting today!

Dutch Label Shop

First up, I finally have labels to sew into my quilts/clothes/bags/gifts, and it's all thanks to Dutch Label Shop.

Dutch Label Shop

They have many label options, with the ability to choose from some standard fonts and lots of colors, or you can upload your own logo. The labels are sturdy, and very easy to sew in, as they have a taffeta edging. I just baste or sew it on to the back and then hand sew the binding to finish (as usual!).

If you would like to get some labels for yourself, you can use the code jaceycraft15 for an amazing 15% discount at Dutch Label Shop, and I hope that you will! *code expires November 30, 2018*

Dutch Label Shop

It really feels like a level up in sewing. I even plan to sew labels onto previously finished quilts still in my possession (and maybe even some that I've gifted to family and friends).

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