Saturday, November 29, 2008

Olias cat

Dean found a stray kitten two weeks ago. We walked out to see him, he followed us home, and twenty minutes later, I was giving him a bath. He's fully integrated into our formerly two-pet household. Ninja and Bella have both accepted him (although Bella is understandably reluctant), and we're happy to have a third pet. We are constantly entertained by all of them.

We've named him Olias, and we suspect he's near six months. However, when Dean took him to the vet last week, they said he's a year. We don't see how he can be, unless he's a runt. He's rather small, although that could be due to him being a stray cat. We've noticed weight gain in the short time we've had him in our home.

He's got white boots (all four paws), and a white belly. My favorite part is how he's half-white, half-gray underneath his nose. So cute.

So the other pets don't feel left out, here's photos of Bella and Ninja, doing what they do best:


Watching outdoor activity



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  1. Awww...Olias is adorable. I can see how you couldn't resist adopting him! Glad to hear that he's fitting in with the other pets well too.

    And the cowl you're making for your grandmother is lovely. Such vivid brights!


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