Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tying up loose ends

Fresh on the tails of two green finished objects, I decided to unearth a couple of UFOs that have been staring at me for months.

First up, a pair of Ysolda's Grown-Up Booties. I cast on the first one back in October, and finished it the same month. Then I didn't cast on for the second one until Sunday. I'm roaring through the lovely garter stitch in my held-double Wool of the Andes, so soon this one will have a mate.
I originally started these for a Christmas gift, and they may still end up being a gift. Not sure yet.

The second item I've been working on this week is something that brings me great joy for two reasons:
1)it's lace, and I am getting more confident with every row I knit; 2) I'm knitting it out of some of my New Mexico yarn from my trip with Sarah last March. I've been coveting this silk yarn from La Lana Wools since I bought it, and in January, I finally broke it free from the drawer. I'm making Liesel with my 200+ yards of double-dyed purple worsted Tussah silk.

I'm going to try to wrap up these two projects before the next phase of Project Spectrum (May), and if I have time, I may cast on for another green project.


  1. I love my grown-up booties so much that they have holes all over them now! *sigh* Time for a new pair. That purple yarn looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Wow, I love your La Lana silk - I had to do some checking out of that Tussah immediately after I saw yours. Your Liesel is going to be really striking. Want to touch it!


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