Saturday, May 30, 2009

FO: Amy Butler pillow

I made this back in March for my see-ster. Jill and I say it like that sometimes, see-ster. I think she started it. It's cute. So, anyhow, her birthday was back in March, and I wanted to make her something cute for her semi-new pad (she's almost been there a year, but I still haven't been up to visit her). I immediately knew she would adore these Amy Butler prints.
Two prints on each side

I think the honeycomb pattern is my favorite; I purchased some in a different color.

My stitching still needs straightening, as can be seen here:

Considering I've never used so many fabrics in one project, I'm not doing that bad.

I posted a few weeks ago about having the itch to sew, but I haven't had much spare weekend time lately. I've still got the itch.


  1. Jill is a lucky see-ster (my sister and I have funny takes on it, too - in fact "sassy" from my blog name evolved from "sis", and the more snicker-worthy "sissy").

    Very cool Amy Butler creation. I dig the honeycomb, too. Overall, her color combos and design elements just kick butt.

    I think your stitching is mighty fine; any deviation from a straight line is simply the artist's mark of distinction. Any old seamstress could sew boring straight lines. Your talent is singular.

  2. Nicely done! I love Amy Butler fabrics.

  3. i LOVE my pillow. and im sorry that i never took those pictures. ill try and get tilly to cooperate.

    i love my seester lots. and i totally started it:).



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