Monday, May 11, 2009


It really feels like a Monday today. Hopefully, the afternoon is better than the morning has been. Above, you see Olias. I couldn't believe the timing, but I was able to capture the perfect yawn. Here he is, in perfect hunter mode. Rhonda and I were commenting on how muscular he is; he really looks like a boy cat. He's getting big, too. When I first found him, he was such a little cat, and I still refer to him as such. Little cat can be super snuggly, when he's not knocking over the trash can, trying to eat your food, or ripping up paper towels.

And just so Miss Bella doesn't feel left out, here are a couple from yesterday. She's still my favorite (but don't tell Olias).

I love my gray kitties.


  1. Wow, great shot! Such perfect focus too. I love grey kitties too. Aren't boy cats a handful? I've sworn to only have females for indoor cats, as the males seem to be constantly getting into things. They do make for fun blog fodder though.

  2. What a perfect shot! Remind me to show you a photo of the baby kitten at Proctor - eyes not open yet -

  3. Little cat is a fierce-looking kitty (in a good way)! I can tell they are both your sweethearts (I won't repeat which one beats the other out, just in case they're reading over your shoulder). :)


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