Monday, April 26, 2010

Before and after

It's been almost three years since I bought my townhome.

Sewing Corner: Before

My sewing corner has long been in need of an improvement. The light in the corner is excellent, but other than the table my sewing machine sits on, I have no open space to work on sewing. I usually end up piecing and pinning on the floor, which is bad for my back, and makes sewing more of a chore than I'd like.

To remedy this, Elliott and I took a trip to Ikea (his first, and most likely, his last for a long time!) to find a workspace.

Sewing Corner: After
After: I know the kitties like it!

After looking at several of the options available, I settled on an unfinished top with red legs (to match my awesome red curtains!). It was easy to put together, and only cost about $65. I may finish the surface at some point, but for now it's just what I needed. In hopes that I'll find time to sew soon, I picked up some lovely fabrics in the last month.

Joel Dewberry fabric

Joel Dewberry fabric

First, from Fabricworm, some new Joel Dewberry choices.

Mind's Eye for Riley Blake Fat Quarters

Also, just last week from Fabric Shoppe, I bought some Mind's Eye for Riley Blake fat quarters.


  1. i love the table! and i love that fabric. maybe when i buy my house, you can make me some new fun pillows...or curtains or lots of fun things!:)

  2. Looks great! and I love your fabric choices

  3. You didn't realize you were buying a new cat platform instead of a cutting table, didya? ;) Very jealous. My cutting surface is the floor. :P

    LOVE the turquoise snowflake/puffy things on string fabric!

  4. ooh i love all the aqua fabrics. can't wait to see what you do with them!

  5. Cute! It is a perfect sewing corner. And I love the wall color.

    Your fabric is so cute!

  6. Yay! That table is awesome! (I think I got the exact same one, but in different colors for my sewing table.) LOL


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