Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Upcoming projects

I finished the Milkweed shawl, but it still needs blocking and photos. The Sundara yarn ran out before I was finished knitting, so I cut out the last six rows. I contemplated finding a CC for the last few rows, but I didn't really like any of the stash possibilities, because I felt they took away from the fun blue/purple mix of the Sundara colorway. I'll be sharing that shawl soon.

Progress: Mariposa Mitts

I'm also finishing up the second Malabrigo Mitt in Mariposa. The matching glove has been sitting half-knit for about six months.

As for the summer top I'd like to knit, the following are some of my favorites (at least, these are the ones I have stashed yarn for):
Buttercup (ravelry link)
Cherry (previously started)
Fresh Mint

Additionally, the next shawl I'm planning is the Waves of Leaves shawl.

Don't drink the koolaid

I'm finally going to use my Kool-Aid yarn. I totally dig this funky colorway, and I think the shawl pattern is perfect for it.


  1. Ooh, that Waves of Leaves shawl looks really cool! I'm sure it'll be great with your yarn. I'm surprised I haven't seen that pattern before.

  2. Really liking that mitt. So cute!

  3. That mitt looks so snuggly! And I LOVE that Kool-Aid colorway!

  4. I love the mitt! There just enough interest to the stitch pattern and the colors are great.


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