Monday, October 18, 2010

Oliver makes me happy when skies are gray

I was lucky enough to see Oliver again this weekend, and, good news!

Blue eyes

He, along with his awesome parents, Beth and Kyle, are moving back to Texas next year. Hopefully, this means Elliott and I can see them more often.

Oliver is seven months old now, crawling and teething.


He's a very animated baby, and I had to delete many blurry photos from my camera, as his action was sometimes difficult to capture. I'm not complaining.

Holding the cute kiddo

I enjoy being in his company, and seeing him grow, each time we visit.


  1. Very cute! Glad he is going to be around more next year.

  2. So cute--glad your friends are moving back!

    By the way, S'mores cupcakes? Mmmm. I just saw a post recently (forget where cuz I knew I'd never make them) of S'mores donuts. Double Mmmm.

  3. Wow, his eyes are amazing, what a cutie!


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