Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I've been running crazy this week. I'm sure most of you have as well, trying to get it all done. I'm looking forward to a few days off work, enjoying the company of family and friends.

Besides the previously mentioned Betty for my grandmother, I managed to do a little more holiday crafting.

Holiday potholders

I finished four potholders. It was a very good practice for me, especially since I've never done binding, and this is part of what has prevented me from finishing my quilt (but that's on my 2011 goal list!).

I know I'm not alone in this, but I often read/review/follow a craft for so long before trying it, that when I finally get down to business, I find I'm not as skilled as I am in my brain. As in, I had read so many blog entries about quilting, purchased books, sewed (but not actually quilted), that when I actually quilted (on the table runner I started months ago), it wasn't perfect, and I was shocked.

I sometimes forget there is a difference between believing you can do something and actually doing it.

Potholders - Christmas Tree

Like I said, though, I've learned a lot about quilting since then, and my quilting has gotten much better. I'm going to tackle the table runner first and then complete my quilt.

I got a little off topic there, but I've been meaning to say that.

In other Christmas news, there was much baking this past weekend. My friends Julie and Rhonda met me at my mom's (she's got a double oven and a much bigger kitchen) for an afternoon of baking.

We made the following delicious things:
Texas Trash

Texas Trash (Chex Mix, but with a few extra delicious additions, such as french fried onions and Louisiana hot sauce)
Kahlua Spiked Pecans

Kahlua Spiked Pecans (recipe here)

Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies (no picture available because they were eaten so fast, and I'm only slightly exaggerating)(You should make these immediately. They taste like thin mints or Andes mints. Delicious.)
Almond Cookies

Almond Cookies - If anyone wants this recipe, let me know. I've got it on an index card from several years back. They're sort of like snickerdoodles with a cinnamon-sugar coating, but with a strong almond flavor.

Enjoy the end of this year with your loved ones.


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  1. love the potholders! i know what you mean about your brain being ahead of your body. i have to remind myself that it takes practice and that i'm already leaps and bounds ahead of where i used to be. it is hard though when you see others with their perfectly squared blocks and beautiful mitered corners though. it makes it seem like it should be effortless when it isn't, at least for me.


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